Custom Portrait Information

The Portrait is one of my favorite subjects as an Artist.  I have created hundreds over the last decade and a half, in a wide variety of media and styles.  Custom Portraits are the most challenging,  but also the most rewarding, part of my body of work.

Some of the Portrait Media I work with.

A beautiful media, pastel is perfect for almost any subject.  My favorite surface is Colourfix Paper, which has a range of color from pale yellow to deep blue.

You can see how I build up layers of color in this video

 $1500.00 for one subject 
Head and shoulders

Including Hands

Full Figure

6-8 Weeks for creation.

Watercolor is a truly versatile and expressive media.   Colors can range from soft and traditional to bold and expressive.  

 $900.00 for one subject, 12" x 16".
Head and Shoulders

Three Quarter

Full Figure

4-6 Weeks for creation.


Oil paintings can be so expressive!  I love bold brushwork, layers of color, and a variety of textures on the surface.  The surface can range from masonite board to traditional canvas.

 $2700 for one subject
Head and Shoulders

Head and Hands

Full Figure

12-16 weeks to create.

How the Custom Portrait Process Works

A beautiful portrait starts with a great photo.  Kristina finds that her best work is based on photos she takes of the subject, as well as some time spent with the model(s). The process will start with a meeting at her studio (or the client's location, travel expenses not included)

Artist and subject will discuss clothing, lighting, and pose.  Often Kristina will sketch or draw during this initial session as well.

If the client can not travel to the studio, professional photos are recommended.

Client will be invoiced for 50% of the portrait price.  This is a non-refundable deposit.  

Prices listed above are for one subject, additional subjects are an additional 75% per figure.

  The Artist sends  updates and progress reports, giving you ample opportunity to discuss likeness, color, and composition.

Upon completion, client will be billed the balance plus shipping.

Kristina can answer any other questions for you, please feel free to contact the artist at
773-2 FOR ART
Via her Etsy Shop
or on Facebook

Thank you!