Friday, May 21, 2010

The Female Figure in Red

Well I'm finally back on schedule!  These are figure drawings from this weeks drawing session with the live model.  We started with a few gestures (grey and white pastel on a light tan paper)

She had wonderful shifts in her weight.  This is pastel with a little bit of black charcoal pencil.
A ten minute pose that allowed for a little more development in the shadows.

I switched to watercolors for the long pose, using a bright red watercolor pencil to sketch out the female figure on a piece of watercolor paper (about 16" x 24") mounted to foam core.  I kept thinking about grabbing another green or lilac or prussian blue...but instead stayed with the reds.  I think it's pretty sexy.

I kept adding more detail with the pencils and then softening areas, pulling color into the background, with a wet brush.  Occassionally I added a little wash of color from my palette.

I kept the facial features simple, and tried to create a strong sense of light.

Before I totally ran out of energy (it had been a LONG day!) I did a quick study in watercolor of her back.  I never really resolved her hand, but I think it's a fun little painting (9" x 12" on aquaboard)

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Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Your work is amazing. You make it look easy, and we all know it isn't. You inspire me to go back to the life drawing workshop. Excellent work.