Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Productive January in the Studio

2012 is off to a good start in my studio.  I have finished up a few paintings...

This is oil on 14" x 11" panel, started from the live model.  I love the classic chair and bright red robe.

I've also finished up this oil portrait of the ballerina.  

And the lady in the diner.  I did not snag any good detail shots, but I'll work on that!

I have a couple big commissions to work on AND I also discovered that Plum Amazins are really really yummy.  So...you know...a good week overall :)


Lisa Graham Art said...

All of them are gorgeous paintings. I really love the lady in the cafe...it speaks to the coffee/cafe lover in me.

I love the expression on the portrait painting. She is very beautiful.

Your first painting is just simply full of class and elegance.

Kyla Hynes said...

All are beautiful, thanks for sharing. I especially like the centre portrait :)

V said...

Beautiful! You can paint me again anytime! Hehe