Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Pastel Drawings of the Female Nude. Bright, Rainbow Bright, and REALLY Bright!

Ok I guess I have to re-learn how to load my photos on Blogger now...they have changed the format, and I don't know what I'm doing yet! So these are actually in REVERSE order from how I drew last night...

So let's start at the end, shall we?

This is my last drawing of the evening.  I wasn't happy with the rainbow one below, so I spent at least a minute just looking and thinking before I started drawing.  Slow down, find some interesting lines, push the shapes and colors...I was much happier with the result.

This is the second drawing of the evening - I was in a dark corner, and I think I got carried away with my bright colors.  At one point I added that huge shape of creamy pastel to her back to tone down all the colors I had layered on there.  It's not a total loss, but it needs...something.  Maybe a focal point? A better color story? Not sure yet.  I may have to stick it on the studio wall and see what comes to me.

This is actually the first drawing of the evening.  I only had a fraction of my Nupastels with me (I left the big box at home! urgh!) and I also forgot a paintbrush or terry towel - you can't wipe this paper - (I was working on the Wallis paper for the second time) - with a paper towel, as I learned last week (too many bits of paper towel get rubbed off on the paper).  Despite my frustration over leaving some supplies behind, I am really pleased with the figure.  Our nude model was very a elegant woman, and the lighting on her back was extraordinary - AMAZING shapes, low-lights and high-lights.  I feel like there is a bit too much blue right now, so I may add a few layers of color in the stand and the drapery, but that's about it!

PS...I also can't figure out how to do a "spell check" either - so please forgive my horrible spelling!


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say I'm really impressed with your work. You've inspired me to try this sort of technique as well. I always thought it looked interesting but I never really tried...Great job!

Marlon Deason said...

Your work is beautiful! I love the spectrum of colors. I actually like the blend of colors on the second drawing the most. Often we create something and are unhappy with the differences we see from the picture in our mind. No one else sees those flaws that you see.

Once you create something you must at some point allow it to exist just as it is.

Best of luck in your future work.