Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some local press! Saints and Angels Art Show - getting the word out!

Here is my very handsome model showing you some recent press for the "Saints and Angels" Show that opens this Friday in Woodstock, GA.  The top is the front page of the Lifestyle Section of the Cherokee Tribune, (Santa is looking at my painting! Photo by Ann Litrel)  and below is an article about the Raffle to benefit "Everyday Angels" in the Townelaker/Around owne Magazine.

Thank you to everyone who is helping us promote this great event!


Kelley said...

Your model is soooo adorable! What a great smile.

Your drawings are really quality stuff! You have a lot of talent.

krystyna81 said...

Hi Kelley...I was worried that my son looked a little bit like I was holding him hostage! "Here's today's paper!"

Thank you for the compliment :)