Sunday, May 10, 2009

Musings on Mother's Day...We Can't Do It Alone

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I wanted to take a moment and say "thank you" to everyone out there who makes it possible for all of us Moms to be Moms.

Motherhood is a job that consumes you 24 hours a day, for every minute of every hour. Your thoughts are occupied with contemplating"What's for dinner? Is it healthy? Will they eat it? Will I be a good mom and MAKE them eat it? Do they need a bath? Are they watching too much TV? Did I throw their summer PJ's in the wash? Why is J miss behaving at school?" Etc., etc., etc.

Like any job in the world or any other accomplishment one achieves, Mother (the job) and Mothering (the accomplishment) requires a system of support and acknowledgement. Every mom NEEDS to hear that she is "doing a good job". But more importantly, every mother needs a system of support.

For many moms, that support comes from the children's father. In my case, I could not ask for a more supportive and involved husband and father. Because hubby not only supports me as a mother, but as an artist, I can be a better mom to our children. (I hereby declare my undying love for my hubby...I wonder if he's making me breakfast)

It's the circle of support beyond husband or father that I think deserves extra acknowledgement today. The aunts who care for their nieces and nephews, the neighbors who have the kids over for play dates, the grandparents who host slumber parties and spoil their grandchildren. If that circle of love and support was not there, Motherhood could be nearly impossible. All moms love their children - I believe that. But I know that you CAN'T do it alone - you need a break. You need time to pursue your own needs and desires - whether that is creating a new painting or just some time to exercise uninterrupted. Because if you are able to take care of the WHOLE you, not just be a mom, you can be, in turn, a better mom.

I must admit that there is a special person who inspired me to point out how wonderful a support system can be....I shall refer to her as "D". She is one of those Aunts, and friends, who allows her sister to be a better Mother to her Niece. D has sleep-overs and shopping trips and play dates with her gorgeous niece all the time, allowing her sister to work and even have some time to herself. What amazes me, and touches me so dearly, is that D also helps ME be a better Mom, even though we are so far away, and we have never met in person! She found a a cool activity for her niece, chalk paint, and sent a set to my children! She knew that a fun activity that can occupy the children (outside and artistic!) would thrill me - and it did!

D supports me as an artist, and a Mother, and it's people like that who also deserve acknowledgement today. So moms, as you are opening your special cards and appreciating your lovely flowers and gifts, be sure to say "Thank you" back to those who help you be a better mom.

And for all of you aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas and friends and neighbors who babysit, entertain, and support the moms in your life, Thank You. Thank you for the phone calls that allow us to vent our frustration or share a funny story. Thank you for the little gifts that arrive in the mail that help us entertain the children away from the TV. Thank you for helping us all be better Moms.


Bellissima said...

What a lovely tribute! Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely beautiful and soooo true! I had not stopped to realize what a wonderful artist you are until the t-ball pictures! What a special woman you are to your husband and children- they are very blessed!
Shea Latocha :)

Karran Gloer said...

You Rock!! Woman of many talents who I must go shopping with still- and learn to draw!!