Friday, April 24, 2009

Figure Drawing...Live Nude Female Model with Drape, A Classic and Sexy Charcoal Drawing

Our figure drawing group met last night and as we were setting up, my fellow artists and I were browsing thru drawing books looking for inspiration to pose our lovely model. There was a sublime drawing of a female draped in a white shirt - she was sitting with her back to the artists, exposing her shoulders. This is our pose. I was working on a teal piece of mat board and drew with a white charcoal pencil and a black charcoal pencil. I went back and forth with including more drapery in the background - I wanted an environment for the figure, but did not want it to distract from the model.

I think (now seeing it on screen) that I need to make some adjustments to the drapery on the chair - perhaps the contrast is too strong and taking the focus away from the model. A little tweaking is needed!
We had to take a short break from drawing last night as we stopped to watch an intense thunderstorm move thru Woodstock. There was some hail where we were, but apparently not as much as there was back at my house! Even this afternoon in the 80 degree weather there was still 2 piles of hail by our drain spouts. Jack had a pretty good time playing!


Harold said...

Hi Kristina, I was wondering if you could share the outline for your life drawing classes. We have been doing short gesture drawings (30sec-2min) and then some 10min poses and a few 20min poses. I would like to have longer poses and was wondering what your group does. What is the time for the long pose each night?
Thank you, and I've enjoyed your blog over the last 6 months even though I think this is my first comment.


Tina said...

I love the drawing you did! That was truly an inspiring pose, which is what I could see from everyone's drawings. Thank you for photographing it - I will use the photo for a self portrait soon. Please post any improvements you make on this drawing; it's a winner!

Krystyna81 said...

Hello Harold,

I am always so flattered and honored to know that fellow artists are peeking in on my blog! Thank you!

The outline you describe is very similar to what most figure drawing classes do - 15 minutes of quick gestures, perhaps one 10-15 minute pose, and one long pose to finish the evening (this is based on a 3 hour class).

I would recommend trying to draw from the final pose for at least an hour - providing breaks for the model every 20 to 30 minutes.

With a long pose, it is important to "plan ahead" and anticipate the model settling into the pose, and drapery changes as well. Don't rush into the darkest the final details until the end.

A figure drawing group can be so important to an artist in many ways - the time that is set aside to draw, the frequent use of your skills to avoid becomming "rusty", plus the comradare (sp?) and friendship with your fellow artists. I have learned so much from watching my fellow artists draw, plus they share artists they have discovered, new materials, and also feedback on my work that I can't get anywhere else.

I hope you continue drawing - and I'd love to see your work sometime!

Harold said...

Thank you Kristina, this is helpful.

I have been struggling with the posture lengths because I am learning, or trying to learn, the method of drawing from Fernando Freitas' DVD "Drawing the Figure" (available through the Academy of Realist Art in ON Canada and Boston MA). It's a great DVD that shows how to approach each step of figure drawing. So a 20 min "long pose" just doesn't cut it. I am going to suggest to the organiser of our potential drawing nights that we follow your structure. I also have some books which have good poses in them for us to use.

Thanks again, and yes, eventually I'll post some of my figure drawing, but not until I won't go completly beet red with embarrassement.


Krystyna81 said...

Hi Tina...I hope you do work on a self portrait! I would love to see it! Thanks for holding this lovely pose...I know it strained you!!!

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