Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Drawing Styles, One Beautiful Model - A Traditional Charcoal Drawing and Colorful, Modern Pastel Drawing

Great open drawing session last night at Shane's Studio (those are his amazing paintings behind the model.) Addie took a very sexy lounging pose, with her arm over her head...not an easy pose! But gorgeous. This is my drawing after 20 minutes. I tried to keep it light and establish the whole figure (head to torso...although the legs were lovely, I thought the face and hands were so pretty and focused my attention on that portion)In the next 20 minutes I added more dimension and value, defining the gesture of the hand and the features of the face. I was also trying to keep the focus on the face, so many parts were intentionally left "sketchy", like the elbow coming forward and the exposed breast. I could still add a few more highlights with a lighter pastel, but i think this is ok as is.
And I really wanted to have a little fun with color last night so I moved to the other side of the room and did a small, quick abstract of her profile and hands. I love the top 2-3rds...maybe I'll crop it when framing!

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