Friday, April 17, 2009

Working on a custom charcoal portrait of a baby boy for Mother's Day

OK. I saw Oprah's first post to her Twitter account, so what to do with the rest of the day????

Work on a charcoal portrait! This is where I am after about 2 hours of drawing - charcoal on "natural white" drawing paper. I'll get some better photos after I work a little more! So far I'm very happy with the mouth and the eyes, and I think the hair is coming along...I just need to give it some dimension. I'll keep you posted!

PS...There's still time to place a custom portrait order before Mother's Day!!!

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Pegi said...

The mouths are usually the hardest to draw but you've captured it beautifully! Can't wait to see the finished portrait! Oh, the expression in the eyes shows innocense and baby-glee, it's beautiful! The timing is right,too. I'm beginning to work on a charcoal of my grandson, and practice working with "POOR Yurick". Have a splendid weekend!!