Sunday, April 19, 2009

Main Street Art Festival in Woodstock, GA

If you live in GA, you know any Saturday in March or April that ISN'T raining is a day to be spent Outside enjoying sunshine and activities! We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day yesterday for a festival on Main Street in Woodstock, GA. Part of the fun was a Chalk Walk competition held in front of Roomscapes Gallery. Artists of all ages could sign up and particiapate. It was SO much fun to watch the children develop their beautiful drawings, turning a lovely shade of alien blue as they blended the sky and water and flowers!
There were also many teen agers and adults particiapting, from amateur to professional, putting together a joyful and colorful array of designs.

This is my may recognize the design from this project. It was a last minute decision for me to participate, so I grabbed the collage and a flower catalogue for inspiration and headed down to the event.
What a great day to be outside, get a little dirty, be creative, and watch other artists at work!
You can also see some great photos here!

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