Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pastel Figure Drawings Everywhere!

There are times in life where I don't get into my studio as often as I would like.  This is unavoidable, and sometimes, for a brief time, even a welcome time to step back and think about where I want to go next with my work.  But I am grateful for our figure drawing group that meets every week, so that these stretches away from my easel are not absolute.  It is so important to stay connected with that part of myself - the artist.  I love being a mom, relish my marriage, and delight in spending time with friends.  But I have come to realize, and accept, that I actually get depressed when I am away from my studio for too long, and therefor everything else tends to suffer. I embrace being 35, and really accepting who I am, I will be more determined to keep the balance between my work and my family.

This week the kids were both in school all day, and I got a much needed "fix" of painting and drawing!  I put some finishing touches on a lounging nude from a few weeks ago...(nupastel on colourfix, 20" x 27")

I was so happy with the way this profile drawing from the live model turned out that I didn't even touch it after our 90 minute drawing session (nupastel on colourfix paper, 13" x 20")

I also bought a pack of Sennelier Pastel Card that I have been having fun with.  I think the size is 9" x 12".  Love this bluish-green (that's an artistic name for this color) paper with the magenta in her skin tones.  Quick - about 15 minutes I think.

I just framed a couple of these new pieces for the last open house at the studio (mixed in with some other favorites!)  Can you tell I love that dark red color family?

Last night we had another wonderful model, and I tried to keep my work loose and fun (I am working on several portrait commissions right now, so I enjoy letting myself just play a little bit during figure drawing.  And often, I find that these little sketches come out quite nice!)  Horrible photo, but I promise to add some better shots later...

The top two are pastel on sennelier pastel card, the bottom two are watercolor on 200 lb paper.  

I also have a lot of portrait work in the middle of creation right now - I can't wait to share it with you!  That will happen after the clients get to see them....I promise!

I hope you are finding time to create :)