Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Painting Classes with Kristina Laurendi Havens

Tuesday Morning Painting Sessions
Please note that there are two options for painting classes at Studio 81.  Each session lasts six weeks, and reservations are required.  The first six weeks: Tuesdays are regular class, Wednesdays are portraiture with instruction and a live model.  The second six week session: Tuesday mornings are portraiture and Wednesday will be the regular class.  

Make up sessions will be limited, so please register according to your availability.  

Questions? Contact Kristina 

Tuesday and Wednesday Morning Painting Classes

Oil Painting classes are available to all levels on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the studio.  Students are encouraged to start with still life to develop an understanding of color and composition, and how to work with paint, before advancing to other subject matter such as portraiture.  

Tuesdays 9:30 - 12:30
(Doors open at 9:15)

January 6th
January 13th
January 20th
January 27th
February 3rd
February 10th

Cost is $150.00 for all six sessions, drop in rate is available at $30.00 per session and reservations are required.

Wednesdays 9:30 - 12:30
(Doors open at 9:15)

February 18th
February 25th
March 4th
March 11th
March 18th
March 25th

Cost is $150.00 for all six sessions, drop in rate is $30.00 per session and reservations are required.

Portrait Painting Classes
Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings

By popular request, I have alternated the schedule to include blocks of classes that will focus on portrait painting.  The first three classes will be working on studies of portraits, either from photographs or busts.  The last three classes will focus on painting from the live model.  The model fee is included in the class fee, and a minimum number of students will be required to hold the class.  Each class will start with a 30-45 minute demo.

Wednesdays 9:30 - 12:30
(Doors open at 9:15)

January 7th
January 14th
January 21st
January 28th
February 4th
February 11th

Cost is $195.00 for all six sessions.  Reservations are required.

Tuesdays 9:30 - 12:30
(Doors open at 9:15)

February 17th
February 24th
March 3rd
March 10th
March 17th
March 24th

Cost is $195.00 for all six sessions and reservations are required.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Juried Art Exhibitions

Two portraits were selected by esteemed juror Michael Shane Neal  for the 2015 Portrait Society of Atlanta Winter Exhibition.  The show will take place at the LONA gallery in Lawrenceville December 31st - January 29th.

"The Agronomist", painted for the DaVinci Wine Storyteller Experience

and "My Heart, Away"

I also have two portraits selected for the Women Painters of the Southeast 4th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Blue Ridge Arts Center April 3rd to May 1st 2015.

"Portrait of a Florentine Tourist"


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glow: The Auction of the Woodstock Vignettes

In just a couple of weeks, the largest group of paintings I have ever created will be divided up, and head off to new homes.  It’s a bittersweet moment for any artist to say “good bye” to just one painting, let alone almost 40 all at once, TheWoodstock Vignettes.

As an artist, one of the biggest compliments I can receive from someone is “You've inspired me”.  It could be a student, a collector, or just an admirer.  My great hope with this group of paintings is that I have inspired more people to believe in, and support, the dream of the Elm Street Cultural ArtsVillage.

The Elm Street Cultural Arts Village will embrace all aspects of creativity, from the visual arts to the theater, the musical stage to the culinary arts.  Whatever you are passionate about, whatever feeds your spirit, you will find an aspect of it that can be nurtured through this endeavor.

The painting Auction, “Glow”, will take place on the Event Green on September 20th.  Live jazz music from Tayrn and the Wednesday Trio, hors d’oeuvres from one of your favorite downtown restaurants, a cash bar, entertainment from our fabulous Emcee and Elm Street Theater actor Joe Lemmo will all come together under the huge tents.

The money raised by the auction of the Woodstock Vignettes Paintings will benefit the restoration of the Reeves Home: the future site of an Art Gallery, art classrooms, and studio spaces.

Registration is required for this special event, as seating is limited. Please visit   by September 12th to purchase tickets.

Follow the Woodstock Vignettes on Facebook at for special preview nights and more information and how you can be part of supporting the Elm Street Cultural Arts Village.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Few Recent Original Art Sales on Etsy

I am thrilled to see some of my favorite pieces are off to new homes in the past couple of months.  Saying "good bye" to some of these has motivated me to create some new work!

Pastel drawing from the live model on dark blue paper.  More original pastel drawings available.

Original pastel drawing from the live model.  I love that 70's green fabric!  More original pastel drawings from the live model are for sale.

This was one of my favorite paintings for a long time.  The monochromatic pink color scheme was based on a beautiful photograph of some delicate pink roses.  More original oil paintings are available.

I love working with pastels on colored paper!  The fuchsia pink jumped from this olive green paper.  More original pastel figure drawings from the live model are here. 

Two watercolor sketches from the live male model.  They are a combination of purples and browns.  I love working from the live model, finding and losing shapes in the chest and abdomen as the model breathes.  More original watercolors are in my Etsy shop.

Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Your Turn to be a DaVinci Storyteller!!

Last year, I was truly blessed to experience one of the best weeks of my life.  Surrounded by talented, wonderful people, amazing food, plentiful wine, and heaven-on-earth landscapes everywhere I looked, I was a 2013 DaVinci Wine Storyteller.  Now - it's your turn!  There are only a few days left to apply - good luck!

2014 DaVinci Storyteller Experience

With my fellow 2013 Storytellers Karista Bennett, Jim O'Donnell, and  Leela Cyd

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Springtime...and my favorirte word...Potential

Spring has sprung in Georgia, and although our winter was not nearly as bad as many parts of the country, I don't think I have been this excited to see budding trees or sprouting tulips in a long time.  I wrote this piece last summer, and thought it would be a good time to share potential is all around us!

On a recent trip back home to Western New York, I spent an afternoon with a dear friend and one of my former painting teachers.  Even though we are over a decade apart in age, we have children the same age and have both been married for about the same amount of time.  As we reminisced we discovered that our lives have many parallels.  

We talked about our families, compared notes on marriage, and spent a long time sharing the names and paintings of artists who are inspiring us at this stage in our Artistic growth.  We shared our struggles of wanting to be good mothers, while still being able to feed that part of us that makes us Who We Are – our Art.  The goal to always be growing – always be improving – always be producing Art - is strong in many artists, and our lives are often moving at too quick a pace for us to fulfill our desires to be in the studio.

As she showed me around her home, her studio, her garden and even her garage, one story really resonated with me.  Last summer, her husband continued his tradition of hatching cocoons for their two daughters.  That year, however, one cocoon did not thrive, and at the end of the summer her husband tucked it away on a shelf in the garage, forgotten.  (Both being artists, neither parent could throw away what could be a subject for a later sketch or painting!)

This summer, not realizing that she found a rejected cocoon from the summer before and not one of the new cocoons ready for this year, she set the cocoon up and prepared to watch it fulfill its’ destiny.  Her husband pointed out that this was probably not going to happen.   Imagine my friend’s surprise as she walked into the garage one day and discovered the butterfly slowly emerging, damp wings curled.   She ran to get her camera as the delicate creature spread her wings, allowed them to dry, and made her first feeble attempts to take flight.  My friend witnessed the butterfly fly out of the garage and into the sun.

There are many parts of our lives that we put upon a shelf, tucked away for a later date, to be retrieved when there is money in the bank, fewer items on the “to do” list,  or time on our calendar.  Those parts of us that make us happy – learning to salsa dance, taking a painting course, finally trying out scuba diving! – are not a priority when the kids need to be fed, the lawn has to be cut, and the laundry is piling up.

For one day, take that tucked away and forgotten bit of potential down off the shelf, dust it off, and give it a chance to emerge and come to life.  Take a class.  Learn a new skill.  Go out dancing!  It’s not too late, and you are never too old.  Potential.  It’s one of my all-time favorite words.   Potential cannot be predicted or measured.  There is no end, there is no maximum amount to be reached.   That cocoon may have been tucked up on a shelf, but its’ potential never died.

***This article originally appeared in the Towne Laker Magazine, Woodstock, GA, in 2013

Friday, March 7, 2014

Current and Upcoming Shows and Exhibitions

Hello dear friends and followers...I am so sorry to have neglected my blog for so long!

But I am back with lots of good news to share so let's get to it!

Back in December I was lucky enough to paint a young man I met through my yoga studio.  Not only did I get a great portrait out of the experience, but I made a new friend, as we chatted and laughed and bonded during the painting session.

My original plan was to paint a simple head shot, 16" x 20" portrait.  But my model had other ideas in mind!  he wandered around my studio looking for props, and settled on a skull...but removed the jaw.

So we set up a pose and I pulled out a 18" x 36" inch canvas to accommodate his portrait, his hand and the skull

I got quite far in our three hours together, but further refined the piece using reference photos

I was very honored that this piece was selected for the 2014 LaGrange National Exhibition.  It was beyond thrilling to find out that the museum decided to purchase this painting, which I titled "Cessation of the Mind", for their permanent collection.

I'm also honored to be a newly juried member of the Women Painters of the Southeast, and to have two pieces in their 2014 member's Show

"A Step Back"

"Mona in Turquoise Scarf"

The show will be held at the Magnolia Art Gallery in Greensboro GA March 28th through April 15th.

For the fourth consecutive year I am proud to be part of one of the biggest and fastest growing Art Exhibitions in the area - the Cumming First United Methodist Church Festival of the Arts.  This year three pieces were juried into the show

"A Gentle Soul"


"A Deceptive Calm"

I am consistently impressed with the size and scope of this show, and the entire program throughout the two week run celebrates Art and Music.  Be sure to check the schedule and attend one of the wonderful concerts when you visit the show.

The show runs from march 22nd though April 6th.