Monday, June 12, 2017

16 Saints for Our Lady of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church Jasper, Georgia

My dear friends...I feel like I have abandoned you and I am so sorry!  I'm not sure why life takes the turns it does all the time, and sometimes, only with hindsight, do we get to actually understand what was happening and Why.

These past few months have been very challenging for me on a personal level, and unfortunately now on many other levels as well.  I'm going to spare you the details, but I will tell you this...we all have trials, we all have challenges, we all have grief and suffering.  Our experiences are valid because they are happening to us, effecting us, and shaping us.  No one escapes challenges. 

I was lucky enough to have lunch with one of my favorite people yesterday, and after I got done explaining my situation, she shared a trial in her own life...and immediately mine seemed small in comparison.  My mind immediately shifted into "How do I help my friend?  What are the right words to say?  What can I DO for her?"

Truth is...sometimes...just listening is enough.  Sometimes...just an extra long hug is enough...sometimes cooking dinner is enough.

Sometimes...knowing that we all experience hardships is enough.  Others have triumphed, and we can as well.  For many people, seeking out an example of perseverance, sacrifice, love, determination, strength, is necessary.

I was lucky enough to create portraits of 16 Saints for Our Lady of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church in Jasper, Ga that - hopefully - will do exactly that.  Hopefully, looking upon these faces will humanize these saints for the viewer...will help you see them as human beings seeking guidance, love, understanding just as we all are.  I truly hope that looking into their eyes and gazing upon their likeness as I have interpreted them will provide a small measure of comfort to anyone who needs it.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Edmund Campion

Saint Martin of Tours

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Sebastian

Saint Maria Goretti

Saint Louis the King