Monday, February 11, 2013

Painting a Garden of Roses

Without getting too deep psychologically...let's just say that, for me, painting can be like a good therapist. And let's just say, I really needed some therapy these last few weeks!  I actually set aside all of the figurative pieces and portraits in my studio and focused on a quick series of roses.  A few months ago I took dozens of shots of roses in a garden in Chattanooga.  The roses were perfect therapy - colorful, engaging, and relatively quick - I painted 8 in 8 days.

This was the first painting.  All of these panels are 6" x 6" masonite, pre-primed.
I loved the warm orange and peach center framed by the periwinkle blue petals.

I started each painting by focusing on the negative space and background - not the buds and blooms.

Working from the computer screen is so helpful - the colors are so vibrant, and I can zoom in and get all the detail.

This was probably the most complex rose I attempted - not only the number of petals, but the combination of warm and cool.  I had to make the blues pure and bright - but in the shadow.

The first four in the series.

OK this is the 8 paintings.  I don't know why it keeps showing up upside down!  Until I figure it out I'm leaving it like this.  Because, you know, the more issues I have dealing with the little things that really should NOT take ten times to figure out, the more therapy I need, and the more therapy I need, the more I it's a win-win, really.