Monday, June 12, 2017

16 Saints for Our Lady of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church Jasper, Georgia

My dear friends...I feel like I have abandoned you and I am so sorry!  I'm not sure why life takes the turns it does all the time, and sometimes, only with hindsight, do we get to actually understand what was happening and Why.

These past few months have been very challenging for me on a personal level, and unfortunately now on many other levels as well.  I'm going to spare you the details, but I will tell you this...we all have trials, we all have challenges, we all have grief and suffering.  Our experiences are valid because they are happening to us, effecting us, and shaping us.  No one escapes challenges. 

I was lucky enough to have lunch with one of my favorite people yesterday, and after I got done explaining my situation, she shared a trial in her own life...and immediately mine seemed small in comparison.  My mind immediately shifted into "How do I help my friend?  What are the right words to say?  What can I DO for her?"

Truth is...sometimes...just listening is enough.  Sometimes...just an extra long hug is enough...sometimes cooking dinner is enough.

Sometimes...knowing that we all experience hardships is enough.  Others have triumphed, and we can as well.  For many people, seeking out an example of perseverance, sacrifice, love, determination, strength, is necessary.

I was lucky enough to create portraits of 16 Saints for Our Lady of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church in Jasper, Ga that - hopefully - will do exactly that.  Hopefully, looking upon these faces will humanize these saints for the viewer...will help you see them as human beings seeking guidance, love, understanding just as we all are.  I truly hope that looking into their eyes and gazing upon their likeness as I have interpreted them will provide a small measure of comfort to anyone who needs it.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Edmund Campion

Saint Martin of Tours

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Sebastian

Saint Maria Goretti

Saint Louis the King

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Portrait of Jon Snow: Game of Thrones Fan Art

Winter sure is taking a long time to get here!

OK...I could easily fill a whole post with Game of Thrones quotes...but let's get right to my obsession with painting the characters, ok?  I have to get back into the studio!

Right from the start - like most other Game of Thrones fans - I loved Kit Harington's portrayal of Jon Snow.  I've never read the books, so I didn't come to the TV series with any pre-conceived notions of who he should be, so I guess in that way I was lucky.  Anyway - Kit Harington, obviously, is a very good looking man, and combined with the cinematography and costumes and his amazing acting I had no choice - had to paint a portrait of Jon Snow!

So just the other day I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tube of Torrit Grey - the color that Gamblin Oil Paints releases every year in honor of Earth day.  It is created from all of the dust particles trapped in their filters over the course of the last production year. turns out to be a perfect foil to one of my painting characteristics:  I love color.  Maybe a little too much at times.  I am always trying to "tone down" my skin tones.  So...I found a Jon Snow screenshot that I liked, him in a cool green forest with an overall atmosphere of grey-ish green, and got out my usual palette.

However, this time, every color I mixed - from the black of his hair to the green of the trees to the flesh on his cheeks - had a touch of Torrit grey mixed in.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  Now I am not the first artist to do this - having a pile of color that an artist mixes into each color on his painting is sometimes referred to as "the mother".  An artist will add a touch of this to every color she mixes, to unify the palette.  Often times this is a light purple, like a periwinkle, sometimes a combination of alizarin crimson, white, and blue (french Ultramarine would work)

Once I knew the reference photo I wanted, the color approach I wanted, I got to work, starting with transparent red oxide on 11" x 14" gessoed panel.

I spent a lot of time on subtle tweaks to every angle on the face - a slight change in the arc of the eyebrow changed the expression from fear to steadfast, a crinkle in the corner of the eye from thoughtfulness to rage, the line of the lips changed from tense to confident.  It's amazing what subtle changes can do to an expression.  And I am so in awe of what this amazing actor captures in just a glance, I wanted to be sure to honor that in every stroke.

I've also painted Tywin Lanister, Master Luwin, and Lady Stark (I will share her portrait soon!)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

You Are Valid

Sharing my work on line is one of the most rewarding things in my life.  Not only because the actual selling of my work supports me and my children, but the act of connecting with people through my work can be so powerful, and sometimes, can even change my life.

Last week I received a note from a woman who saw my two self-portraits, "Unleashed" and  "Draw Forth".  She explained...

"I am going through a rather complicated breakup and these speak to me. Both the calm resignation in 'Draw Forth' and the hurt and rage in 'Unleashed'. Seeing these emotions external to myself has helped to put some things in perspective"

"Draw Forth"


This note meant so much to me.  Just a couple weeks ago, I was having a discussion with a fellow artist about what I was currently working on, and we started talking about work with a Message - social, personal, political, etc.  And he asked why I wasn't creating more work with a personal story.

My only explanation at the time was that for so long now, my thoughts and feeling rarely seem validated, and/or understood by some of the people in my life.  NOT ALL - just some.  But sometimes they are the people who have the biggest impact on my self-worth.

I don't want to get into specifics either, because I think there is a way to learn and share without throwing people "under the bus" so to speak.  It felt like there was a pattern in my life for so long, that if I wasn't comfortable in a situation or how something was going, I was told "well other people have it worse so don't complain", or if I changed my mind on something I was WRONG to change my mind. Or worse...wrong to have an opinion in the first place.

Changing your mind, wanting something more out of a relationship, having thoughts and opinions that might differ from someone else, these are all VALID.  Valid things to go through in your day to day life.  If you are surrounded by people who challenge those feelings, belittle them, or cut you out of your life because of them, that is THEIR short-coming, not yours.

So what do you do in this kind of situation?  First of all, you become a better listener, which I am thankful to say that I am.  Because, truly, that is what I want sometimes, too - to be really listened to. Not have my feelings dismissed or belittled or challenged.  So that is the first thing I am going to put out there into the universe - my willingness to listen to my friend's, children's, and loved one's feelings, and always let them know that they are valid.

Secondly, I need to listen to myself.  I need to stop letting someone who is bigger than me or who is stronger than me or who makes more money than me or who is simply louder than me (which is not many people) decide which of my feelings are "right" or "wrong".

So let's get back to my point:  this woman's note really meant something to me, because she saw a message in my work, interpreted it for herself, and learned from it.  I don't know if there is a higher compliment that I can receive as an artist, or a human being.  I am so thankful for that.  I am emboldened by her sentiment and finding a lot of personal strength because of it.  I'm inspired to re-examine pieces that I have abandoned or never even started because I had become afraid of expressing my thoughts and feelings.

THANK YOU to every one of you who follows my work because you relate to it, enjoy it, feel something when you look at it - even if it's just joy! - which is a valid response to art!  Thank You for listening.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Saying Good-Bye to Studio 81

This is probably one of the most difficult announcements I've had to make in a long time.   The building that houses Studio 81 and Ann Litrel Art has been sold, and we will be moving out very soon.  I have decided to close Studio 81 at the end of November.  

I was lucky to call this space my Home Away From Home for five years.  The opportunity to share this space with Ann came at a time that I found myself desperately needing a place to work without the constant needs of my two very young children.  (Although...there were a lot of times they came and painted there with me!)

One of the first regular classes, and one of the staples at the studio, was our weekly Figure Drawing group.  We've had several hundred sessions over the last few years, very fortunate to have a roster of incredibly talented and generous figure models that inspired us every week.

And of course I could not have kept the studio open without my morning painting classes and mini workshops.  There have been numerous faces in and out of these groups over the years, and as life keeps taking us on our journey, health, finances, obligations often changed the size of the groups, but the joy that teaching brings me never wavered.

Over the past few months, I realized that the studio - while never in the red, and I am thankful for that - was not generating enough income for me to justify, as a single mother, maintaining the space.  This was very difficult for me, because I never really thought of the studio as "Mine".  The studio always became Alive when it was filled with creative souls, and I felt - as I am sure Ann did - that this space was meant to be here, in downtown Woodstock.  It was destined to bring creative souls together. And it was partly my privilege to do so.

One of the things I am most grateful for is the fact that this gorgeous space, nestled in the heart of our wonderful downtown, allowed me to bring some of the most amazing artists today to teach workshops.  Casey Baugh ended up teaching four workshops here, Kerry Dunn twice, and Jeff Hein will be back in just a couple weeks to help celebrate the final weeks of our studio with his second workshop.  These workshops invigorated me, inspired me, and have helped me grow both as an artist and as instructor.  They will forever be some of my favorite memories at the studio.

Looking through photos, I realize that my children have greatly benefited from enjoying the space as well.  They often created along side me, or used the quiet time to read, and grew up these last five years getting to know downtown Woodstock.  It was important for me, too, that they saw me having a place to work and create.  

And anyone who has met my children know that they are quite the characters.  Jack would stand on the sidewalk shouting out "Art Show!  Come see the Art Show!" for Friday night live (when he wasn't entertaining the adults, of course!)  

Critique nights, Friday Night Live, watching the sunset from the roof, sharing wine with friends, laughing until it hurts, spilling pastels (you know who you are!), explaining the naked woman in the middle of the room to the police officer, and way too many other memories to count.  What a joy it has been to call this studio Home for as long as I have, and it was only a home because I got to share it with all of you.

So what will happen next?  Well my Tuesday morning students barely took a breath before they started planning who would get to host the first class at their house!  So I don't think they'll let me sit idle for too long!  And I wouldn't have that any other way.  

The first thing on my to-do list will be to liquidate as much of the props, furniture, easels, and of course - ART - at the studio in the next few weeks.  

And, I am currently looking for a home, hopefully with a home studio space.  

In some ways, I hope that saying good-bye to this space will help me pursue one of my biggest goals, which is to get to the point where I can teach a workshop anywhere in the world.  If I keep the studio, I will always be in the mindset of bringing students and other artists to me.  I'm excited about the new adventure of going out into the world and teaching all over.  

What beautiful bookends I have on my time in the studio - how the universe brought me the opportunity at a time when my on-line business was bringing in enough money for me to pay the rent and start teaching.  When I needed a space outside my home, when I needed to remind myself that I was more than just Mom.  And now, as the universe has set this move in motion, I am lucky enough to have a large commission that will carry me through the next few months as I settle into a new teaching routine, and I feel that it is also that nudge to "Go...pursue the next step".  I am tearfully grateful that I am being watched out for.

Thank you so much, Ann Litrel, for seeing the beauty and potential in this gorgeous room, and allowing me to share it with you all of these years.  And thank you to every single one of you who made it all worth while.

I will be sending out a final schedule for the month, including our last two Figure drawing evenings, my last Friday Night Live, and the big studio clearance sale.

Much love to you all, and Happy Creating,


Monday, August 3, 2015

Figure Drawing Open Studio Woodstock GA

I'm excited to announce that the open figure drawing studio sessions are starting again!

Every Tuesday night August - September 2015
(No Session on September 22nd)

Model schedule still in the works but so far...

August 4th - Mike
August 11th - Melanie T.
August 18th - Michika
August 25th - Ellie

Monday, July 13, 2015

July Portrait Painting Workshops and Fall Art Classes in Woodstock, GA

Thursday and Friday - Mini Portrait Workshop
July 16th and 17th
9:30 - 1:00

Artists' Choice!  Kristina will be on hand as you enjoy two full days from the live model (African American Female)  Monochromatic, painterly, inspired by another artist - you decide!


Email Kristina right away to hold your spot!

$80.00 per artist

-If you can only attend Thursday or Friday - contact Kristina to see if a daily spot is open.

Thursday and Friday - Mini Portrait Workshop
July 30th and 31st
9:30 - 1:00

Artists' Choice!  Kristina will be on hand as you enjoy two full days from the live model. Monochromatic, painterly, inspired by another artist - you decide!

SPECIAL PRICE - for any student who has attended a workshop this summer - $50 for the two day class!

New Students $80.00

ENROLL NOW to save your spot!

Fall Classes Begin August 4th!

This fall I will be offering Tuesday and Wednesday morning painting classes.  These classes are for all levels.

New students will be required to complete two still-life paintings before venturing on to other subject matter.

Continuing students are encouraged to alternate between photo reference and live subjects (still life, sculpture, live model, etc)

Tuesday and/or Wednesday Mornings
9:30 - 12:30 (Doors will open at 9:15)

8 week session August 4th - September 30th (no class 9/22 and 9/30)
$200.00 for 8 weeks.

Drop in rates of $30 per class available if space permits.

SPACE IS LIMITED - contact Kristina to reserve a spot or ask questions!  

Tuesday Night Live Model Group 

I miss drawing and painting from the live model - don't you?!? I'm looking for a core group of artists dedicated to bringing back a weekly figure model session.  

Tuesday nights August 4th - Sept 29th (no class 9/22)

I'm looking for 6 fellow artists who want to pre-register for only $10 a week - must commit to all eight weeks!  That's only $80!

After the first 6 artists- drop-in artists can attend any week for $15.00.

I will ONLY hold these sessions if the minimum artist count is met - let me know ASAP if you want to join!

Full nude, artists can work on portrait or figure.  We will make timing of poses artists' choice week to week - either a variety of long and short poses or one long pose.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Portrait Painting of Lord Tywin Lannister, Actor Charles Dance - Game of Thrones Fan Art

As explained in my previous post about my portrait of Maester Luwin, I am obsessed with the Game of Thrones series, not just because of the amazing actors, but the brilliant cinematography.  I pretty much want to paint every scene!

So here is Charles Dance, who plays Lord Tywin Lannister, as he stares down his son Tyrion.  Spoiler alert!!!  OK this has already aired, so you probably know...this is the scene where Tyrion is looking at his father over a crossbow, as his father perches in a most humiliating spot, on the privy in the middle of the night.  Never flinching, his stoic gaze remains fixed, firm, and confident. And while all this brilliant acting is going on, I am saying to myself "look at that pretty light on the side of his face!" and I have to paint it.

Of course, poor guy, many people still look at this portrait and say "Hey!  It's that guy from "The Golden Child!"