Monday, March 18, 2013

Casey Baugh Atlanta 2013

The Casey Baugh Painting Workshop at Studio 81, Portrait and Fine Art by Kristina Laurendi Havens, is now FULL for 2013.  If you have registered for the class and have questions, please e-mail Kristina.  Thank you!  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching up: new drawings and paintings

There are cycles with every activity, hobby, relationship  career, etc.   There are times when you are enthusiastic and believe in what you are doing right down to the very marrow of your bones.  You put every bit of blood sweat and tears into taking it as far as you can.  There are times when you have to let it ride...coast along for a bit...enjoy the cruise control of a happy medium - nothing's going wrong, but nothing major is going to set your heart and soul on fire either.  There are times you also want to give up completely. Call it a day.  There's someone out there doing it faster, better, getting more attention or reward, and you just can't stand not getting the same.

The act of being an Artist goes through all of these cycles.  There are times when I am making strides with my work, breaking new ground and discovering new things about myself in the process.  But there are just as many moments where I want to give up out of pure frustration.  And then when the dust settles, and I reach that next plateau - even if it's not in an entire painting, but just a few moments where I REALLY got it right - then I'm back at that excited part of the cycle where I can't wait to put my whole heart and soul into my next painting.

Luckily, I've been caught up more in the "I can't wait to take this to the next step - the next painting!" cycle more than anything else in the studio.  Which is why (sorry!) I have been neglecting my blog.  I'm PAINTING, ok?!?  A couple recent pieces...

This painting is oil on textured 11" x 14" panel.  It's based on a sculpture.
(Prints are now available)

A thirty minute charcoal sketch from a live model.

A little 9" x 12" oil painting on panel. About an hour and a half from the live model.

Another little study, 8" x 10" (I think!)  About 90 minutes from the live model.

This portrait of a little boy is based on a photo I took outside of my studio during an event.  The panel is 24" 24".

And I did finish one more tree painting that was snapped up right away...not a very good photo, but it was really pretty.  I took the original photo on a very foggy morning.

And I have more, but that's all for now.  And you should see how many I am painting in my head...