Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pinterest Portrait Board

Here's some shocking news...I'm on Pinterest.  Yes, I have just THAT MUCH extra free time.  I do find it quite addicting, and love discovering new things.  I am a visual person of course!  So here is one board that I am continuing to fill - "Portrait Art".  There are several of mine, but also many from other artists, too.  If you recommend any let me know!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Abstract Tree Paintings

I've just finished (finally!) three paintings of trees.  I painted a Red Japanese Maple Tree a few months ago, and I've been searching out new subjects ever since.

"Savannah" 30" x 40"

"Serenity" 36" x 36"

"Burgundy Trio" 3' x 4'

All three have a lot of layers of color and texture.  I spent a lot of time (and paint!) searching for the perfect color relationships.  The white tree has some gold foil peaking through at the bottom - it captures the light beautifully!

I'm hoping that these will be selected for a group exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this summer.  If not, they'll be shown at a local flower shop near my studio.  (Prints will be available soon!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cumming FUMC Festival of Arts

Last night I attended the opening reception at the Cumming First United Methodist Church for the 2012 Festival of the Arts.  I was honored to receive my first Grand Prize at last year's show for my pastel portrait "Reflections of Zen" .  So it was kind of surreal as I walked the show last night and everyone was holding these beautiful programs with my portrait on the cover!

This year's group of work is very, very, strong.  It's heavily representational, but there is a broad range of technique.  I love this corner where my painting "You Shall Be Heard" is displayed 

I should have been better at noting the names on the other pieces - those beautiful sculptures are created from old books.

I was delighted the "She Wore Violet Shoes" was hung right next to my friend's painting of a limestone filled landscape  (forgive the horrible iphone photo!)

And after wandering around both floors for 45 minutes, I finally had to ask where "Amazing Grace" ended up.  I do you miss a 6 foot painting of a woman?!?  I finally found her in one of the vestibules that led to the outside terrace.

I hope that it gets found by everyone!  It is a quiet, serene location with a lot of natural light, and I think it looks lovely there.

The show is open all week, and every afternoon there is a "Bach's Lunch" (get it?!?!) Concert at the church. Visit the CFUMC website for all the details.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kristopher Meadows Portrait Painting Demo

Last Friday evening I was lucky enough to host a very talented local artist, Kristopher Meadows, at my studio for a portrait painting demonstration.  Kristopher has just published his first instructional DVD - The SVEC Method - Painting the Female Portrait in Oil.    We had a great crowd, lots of food, and learned a lot about Kristopher's approach to painting.

I highly recommend attending as many live painting demos as you can - even if you don't particularly connect with the artist's style or technique.  Everyone walked away from the demo with some new information, and a desire to go and PAINT - which is a high compliment to any teacher.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Portrait with Head Scarf

I can't believe it's been so long since I updated my blog! I have a million things to share with you, but I'll start with this oil portrait painted from the live model last week.

Our lovely African American model has beautiful features, and I wanted to try and paint a quick portrait.  I used a panel that was primed with pink-beige paint (used from this tree painting gone wrong!) Of course...that's WHY i never throw away a panel or any paint!

I started with a quick sketch using dark brown paint.  You can see her in the background...I added an extra blue light to her left side to add additional interesting color to her deep rich skin tone.

Once I got a good likeness and blocked in the strongest shadows, I added some more color and depth.

I added some deep purples into the reflected light under her chin and on her neck.

Blocking in the wrap to help define the shape of the head.

Right at the end of our session I added the light above her lip, but lost the shape and fullness of her mouth.  She was generous enough to allow a reference photo so hopefully I can adjust and finish this beautiful painting.