Monday, June 23, 2014

A Few Recent Original Art Sales on Etsy

I am thrilled to see some of my favorite pieces are off to new homes in the past couple of months.  Saying "good bye" to some of these has motivated me to create some new work!

Pastel drawing from the live model on dark blue paper.  More original pastel drawings available.

Original pastel drawing from the live model.  I love that 70's green fabric!  More original pastel drawings from the live model are for sale.

This was one of my favorite paintings for a long time.  The monochromatic pink color scheme was based on a beautiful photograph of some delicate pink roses.  More original oil paintings are available.

I love working with pastels on colored paper!  The fuchsia pink jumped from this olive green paper.  More original pastel figure drawings from the live model are here. 

Two watercolor sketches from the live male model.  They are a combination of purples and browns.  I love working from the live model, finding and losing shapes in the chest and abdomen as the model breathes.  More original watercolors are in my Etsy shop.

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