Thursday, December 11, 2008

Figure Drawing - Mike Drawing in the Sand

I was able to draw from the live model last night for the first time in a couple of I really miss it when I don't go at least once a week! I think it's fair to say I'm addicted to drawing from the live model!

And of course last night was a wonderful drawing session because Mike was on the stand. This is the long pose from our drawing session. Shane recommended something "compact" - which I love (Mike IS the "human pretzel")

Staging the pose is very important. When working with a large group, goal number one should be to provide an interesting pose from all angles.

This pose was reworked a bit as we all surveyed it from our different vantage points. The outstretched arm was repositioned several times, and we settled on this suggestion from Shane that he called "drawing in the sand". What's nice about the outstretched arm was the "nook" it created behind it where mike's legs were tucked underneath. From the other angles, it added a nice negative shape to an otherwise compact pose.

Plus it played up Mike's structure in his arm and back - the lighting and the pose came together and we had a wonderful night of drawing.

Well we've had 48 hours of rain here in Woodstock, GA so getting a phot of the drawing in natural light is not happening. So I was trying to get a good picture of this drawing indoors...which is hard because the lighting is difficult, but also because every time Ari sees the camera she runs over and says "Cheese!"'s my little peanut and the drawing!


Pam said...

Beautiful drawing. It really gives a sense of pensive peacefulness.

And your daughter is sooooooooooo cute!!!!! Oh my goodness!

Amy G. said...

Very nice! I love how you work with lights and darks. I haven't worked from a live model in a long while... I miss it, too!

Test said...

Beautiful piece, yes I do agree, it does look very peaceful

Harmony said...

This is a gorgeous drawing!

Linda Hammelman said...

I don't know who is better to look at, Little Peanut or Mike.... I gave you an award, see my blog when you get a chance.

adebanji said...

Powerful Drawing- I love It!!

Great use of the colours too!

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful figure drawing. I love the colors. At least your group is considerate of everyone's angle. My classmates are opportunistic, and want the best pose/angle for themselves!

BTW, my 3 y/o daughter does the same thing.