Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Italy Sketchbook. Day Four...Boboli Gardens, Florence

Our second day in Florence was beautiful...the weather continued to be sunny and clear, and we decided to spend our free morning exploring Boboli Gardens, as recommended by a fellow passenger on our train from Venice to Florence. As we climbed up the subtle hillside exploring the gardens, there were many beautiful places to stop and enjoy the view, as well as practice posing.
I could imagine a large party here would be fabulous on a September evening - the cool breeze, people walking thru the gardens enjoying live music and delicious food and wine. That building is the Palazzo Pitti.

The view as we approached the top of the hill was spectacular.

I believe this is the top of the Duomo.

David resting as we reach the top of the hillside garden.

As we ventured back down on the other side of the garden, there was a large sculpture of a face - I really don't know much about it, whether it is old or contemporary, but it was a good spot to see if I really do have an Italian profile. Pretty close, I think!

It was also a good spot to stop and do a little sketch - see! I told you I did some drawing in Italy!

A view from the other side (plus I really liked that lady's colorful dress!)

My sketch!

Another gorgeous spot in the garden - it looks like an outdoor amphitheater. (This is only half...this shape was mirrored on the other side)
The grotto at the end of the garden.

A pleasant little surprise...a small water fountain with two tiny heads! It was only about the size of a small soup bowl. (No, I didn't drink the water)
A small, more sculpted garden.
That was all before noon. We walked back to our hotel on the other side of the Arno River to lunch and nap before our Chianti Wine tour later that day. (I'm tired just reading about it!)


Craft Show Designs said...

I love the sketch!

pegi said...

I loved that big head sculpture!! And, yes you do see Italian in your profile. I loved the sketch too.

TSL said...
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TSL said...

I had to delete my previous comment due to typos - lol. What I wrote essentially was that your profile and that of the statue almost dead on! Perhaps an ancestor! Enjoyed your post and photos. Best wishes.

Krystyna81 said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I guess now I can add "profile" to the list of Italian traits I poses (so far I had "hot tempered"...)

Cherie said...

I am so jealous of you!!! All your pictures are amazing! One day I will be a world traveler and get to see the beauty of other countries. Right now I am so tired of US travel I don't venture any further! ;) Miss you hon!