Thursday, November 12, 2009

Best Gift Bag Idea I've Seen Yet! Eco-friendly and functional.

I LOVE getting "Kraft Foods" magazine in the mail.  I have shared a few of my favorite recipes on my blog, including a fabulous crowd-pleasing dessert - the ultimate chocolate cake

Kraftfoods included a few handy tips in their latest issue to encourage "going green" and saving a few pennies.

I think that this is THE best gift bag idea I have seen in a LONG time.  Buying the re-usable grocery bags instead of the fancy paper kind.

Last time I took notice, most of the re-usable grocery bags were between $.99 and $1.99 - making them much more reasonable price-wise for paper gift bags of the same size, which are usually $3 or more. 

If anyone knows a great place to look for the re-usable grocery bags, or you know of certain stores that are using recycled materials or green mathods to make their bags, please share that info here!

Also...any tips on covering the logos would be great.  I was thinking about buying a couple and experimenting with painting over the printed images.  But maybe iron-ons? Sewing? etc.?


Bridget said...

wow Fabulous idea...I love those recyclable grocery bags...I've gotten some great ones from the pharmacy chain CVS & their logo on them is very small.

Jill said...

IKEA has the best reusable bags -- no logos, just funky IKEA-style designs. They're bigger than most, too, so you could use them for pretty large gifts.

Krystyna81 said...

Great ideas - thank you ladies! I have also heard that Barnes and Nobles has some nice ones.

TJBookarts said...

Thank you for sharing this idea. Harris Teeter sells smaller bags in their wine dept. for carrying several bottles of wine. Would be nice for smaller gifts. Not sure if the divider comes out or not though. For iron on decorations you make your own customs designs. Fabric stores and places like WalMart sell inkjet printable fabric sheets. You can print your own designs and use an iron on adhesive like HeatNBond or Wonder Under to attach them to your bag.

Krystyna81 said...

ooh...the wine dept! I love any excuse to wander over there....great idea!