Thursday, February 25, 2010

New painting from the live model of a beautiful back pose.

Just quickly posting this lovely little painting that I worked on last night from the live model.  Another cold night in GA and our brave nude model, surrounded by heaters, was actually holding a rope that was thrown over a rafter above - the hand closest to me was holding the rope next to the cushion, while the other hand gripped the other end of the rope, keeping her arm suspended - and her muscles flexed!

This is acrylic paint on a 9" x 12" primed masonite board, and learning some lessons from last weeks drawing session, I painted it right-side-up (yay!) and also brought several new flat brushes, which really worked better than the round brushes I had last week. 

I have to tweak a bit of the palette - I think her back is too pink, and I have to finish the background, but over all I am pleased .  I think she is sitting in the pose very well, I love the shape of her waist, and I am glad I got so far in one sitting.  I'll post another photo (if I ever get around to) making those changes!


Beth Howard said...

Oh, I love this one - the color, the pose... beautiful!

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you Beth. I worked on it a little more - I will post a follow-up :)

pegi said...

I love this one , too!! It's clean and the way you show the lighting is beautiful!!
By the way, my daughter just called to tell me the print came!! I have to wait 2 1/2 more hours!!! I'm gonna cry!!! Okay, maybe not, but DARN!!! :)