Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Creative Little Girl

I have to share a story before I forget it.  My little girl, Arianna will be four this month and it seems like her imaginative play has kicked into high gear.  She is always making up stories and drawing pictures and just chatting a mile a minute, lego men living very complex lives on top of the kitchen counter.

A couple weeks ago we had some warm sunny weather and the first opportunity to clean and rake the yard after a very long cold GA winter.  As I was raking the pine needles in the back yard, Arianna was sitting on the edge of the deck, talking to the ground (I'm not sure if the ground was talking back, but she sure had a lot to say.) Suddenly she calls me over, exclaiming

"Mommy mommy look the baby bird is hatching from the egg!"

Being pro imagination I went over, bent down and looked real close and said

"Oh yes I see the baby bird coming out! Where is the mother bird?"

Arianna responded with a long explanation of the mother's bird absence as I went back to my rake and the never-ending supply of pine needles in need of attention.

A short while later she calls to me again, a bit of panic in her voice

"Mommy mommy you have to help the baby bird he's stuck on the roof!"

"Oh no!" I cried, coming closer to the house, looking up as high as I could.

"You have to rescue him" pleaded Arianna.

Abandoning my rake for the second time, I bravely climbed the wooden swing set, determined to rescue the ill fated young bird from certain death.  Reaching the top of the swing set, I reached my arm up as high as I could, adding a grunt, putting forth a great deal of effort to retrieve the small creature.

As I craddled the tiny bird in my cupped hand, I deftly climbed back down the swing set, prepared to be hugged by my grateful daughter as she cried "Thank you mommy!" over and over again.

I presented my cupped hand, proudly saying "See Ari - he's okay!"

Ari peered into my hand, and said

"That's the wrong bird"

Ari in my new studio space.  I cleaned, she created :)


Jenny, Mid-Western Fashionista said...

I love it! That could be a sketch on a comedy show. She sounds too cute!

Laurie said...

Cute! That sounds like something my own four year old would do!

By the way, your work is stunning.

Dilyara said...