Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dorothea Tanning. I think I'm in love.

A couple years ago I was flipping through the TV channels and happened upon an interview of Katharine Hepburn at Dick Cavett.  I watched, enamored, for at least 30 minutes (I'm not really sure how long the interview actually was).  But, like Mr. Cavett, I think I fell in love with her about 10 times during the interview.

(I had painted this picture years before, based on a photo that was used in her Obituary in EW magazine.)

Strong women do that for me.  Women who speak the Truth, even if it against what they are "supposed" to say or feel.  Women who are well read, who are independent (marital status aside).  Women who know who they want to be and go be it.

This article has introduced me to another one of these dynamic and forthright women - Dorothea Tanning.

A few of my favorite quotes (be sure to read the whole interview !)

"It was a kind of a statement, wanting the utter truth, and bareness was necessary. "

"Keep your eye on your inner world and keep away from ads and idiots and movie starts, except when you need amusement"

"Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity"

What more can you add to that?  Art has always been my Sanity.)