Sunday, April 15, 2012

Portrait with Head Scarf

I can't believe it's been so long since I updated my blog! I have a million things to share with you, but I'll start with this oil portrait painted from the live model last week.

Our lovely African American model has beautiful features, and I wanted to try and paint a quick portrait.  I used a panel that was primed with pink-beige paint (used from this tree painting gone wrong!) Of course...that's WHY i never throw away a panel or any paint!

I started with a quick sketch using dark brown paint.  You can see her in the background...I added an extra blue light to her left side to add additional interesting color to her deep rich skin tone.

Once I got a good likeness and blocked in the strongest shadows, I added some more color and depth.

I added some deep purples into the reflected light under her chin and on her neck.

Blocking in the wrap to help define the shape of the head.

Right at the end of our session I added the light above her lip, but lost the shape and fullness of her mouth.  She was generous enough to allow a reference photo so hopefully I can adjust and finish this beautiful painting.


Vanessa said...

Beautiful work Kristina. I really love how you've shows your stages. Your piece has a lovely essence to it.

Hyatt said...

Nice work. Was cruising by looking for an African head scarf to finish up a head study I was working on. You've got a nice free style.