Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Figure Drawings and Paintings

Stop me if I've said this before...what a a WONDERFUL session of figure drawing last night!  A packed house, an awesome model, and so many beautiful poses.

After a series of gestures we worked on a 45 minute pose with no breaks -our exhausted model was so grateful for a lounging pose! -  But I'd say we got the better end of the bargain.  This is blue, silver, and brown watercolor pencil on watercolor paper mounted to foam core.  (Her head was resting off the edge of the stand)

We followed that up with a very complex pose where she leaned forward onto a long wooden staff, her arm stretched out overhead.  Two 20 minute sessions.  I used Nupastel on a light dusty rose Colourfix paper, 13" x 19".  I mat have gotten too heavy handed in the shadows, but I do like the shapes of her ribs and hips and she folds herself forward and into the staff.

And today I returned to the studio just to do some light cleaning and organizing, but got sucked into this painting, because I had to fix her leg.  

It's getting better (I took the photo while some paint was still wet, giving it an odd shine where her hip meets the fabric) but there's still an issue with the cast shadow and high light on her knee.  The focus is definitely on her shoulders and hair, but the leg shouldn't feel awkward.

And  - I don't think I shared this yet - I keep putting finishing touches on the model holding a wine glass.  I think her gaze is finally right, or right right now, next time I have a brush in my hand that could change!

I almost forgot!  My little Arianna was also very busy in the studio today...


Lisa Graham said...

You work is simply spectacular...true to human form and full of life.

Peter Lee said...

Lovely paintings!

Vanessa said...

Beautiful work! The monochromatic piece really evokes feeling. Just have to include the lil one's paintings too. I always find it so interesting to hear kids talk about their paintings.