Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Figure Drawings from the Nude Female Model in Pastel

These are two pastel figure drawigns from the live model that I did last night at the open drawing session at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. The drawing above is on a small piece of mint colored pastel paper. I love mint with lilacs and orange. At the very end of the drawing time, actually right after the time ran out, I added a little bit of bright red in the drapery which really added some nice intensity to the piece.

This is the last figure drawing of the evening, and I was ready to have some fun! This is a 14" x 18" piece of purple pastel paper. I started with some mint, lilac and mustard pastels to block in her form and then used a variety of deep reds and blues to define a few elements such as her hands and feet.

Our model is blessed with the loveliest chest, but I find that it can be almost cartoonish to draw two perfect breasts with two perfect shadows...there's something about the repetion of the two forms that seems awkward. So I really pushed myself to make the left breast different from the right, by changing color and emphasis on the shadows.

I love the combination of red and mint, such as the outline of her knee.
This model has posed for us before, and you can see more of my figure drawings of her in my Fine Art on Etsy shop.


JDStar said...

Your drawings are beautiful. Makes me wish I hadn't skipped out on Dr. Sketchy's last night!

Krystyna81 said...

JD - well no more skipping young lady (I think you are a lady?!?!) you gotta draw! Thanks for the kind words.

Liz C. said...

So I know I told you at Turners... but I was drunk and that's no way to compliment such incredible art! So here is my sober message to you... your art is fantastic. It's inspiring and makes me wish that I had such talent. Every time I see something new that you have created I'm in complete and total awe of you! (But I could knit you a hat... that's my only craft that is even remotely decent...) ;o)