Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Watercolor Drawings from the Live Model

Ah...the quest to use watercolors effectively continues!

I worked with my water colors the other night, delighted that all I needed to do was pull out my palette, add a touch of water to bring the paints back to life, and start painting!

I started with a few 2 minute gestures...this one is OK, although I can see I need to develop more "language" with the paint - the line quality over-all is very one-note.

When the model settled into a long pose, I started out with a 25 minute watercolor that was very colorful, and slightly abstract - her hips are especially exagerated.

I love the colors and the energy, the minimal amount of detail in her face and hands while still relating her gesture.

For the last watercolor I painted, I switched viewpoints and worked on Wallis paper, thinking that I may add pastel over the watercolor wash (I never did!)

The shadow along her spine was very strong, and it was coming across as too dramatic in my drawing...I was never quite happy with the values I ended up with on the back.

But I am happy with her face and jaw line, and the way the definition of her shoulder changes from line to shape.

It's not *quite* as steely-blue in person, and you can see I did try to add a little warmth with some orange and brown.  I think it would look very pretty in a silver frame.


Test said...

I can see the development with each piece & enjoy your quick pieces as much as your more detailed ones.

They still have a strong presence.

Bethany said...

These are really gorgeous! I actually love the shadows in the last one and the blues... you may want to put it away and then take it out again later because I think you will like it more with fresh eyes. You have a very lyrical way with the brush... you remind me of Sargent in some of his looser watercolors.

Krystyna81 said...

Julia - that is very kind, thank you! I think working a variety of ways is important - fresh and loose, detailed and slow - keeps us on our toes :)

Krystyna81 said...

Bethany...a high compliment, indeed! I adore Sargent. I should pull out some of my books on his work and study his technique...always good to study the masters!

And I shall tuck the drawing away as you suggested..perhaps fresh eyes would be best :)

Bob said...

For a two minute gesture, you certainly got a lot of detail and color in there. Most artists I work with don't get too much past getting some lines down in that time.

Great work,