Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Creative Stay-at-home-moms and why we sell on Etsy!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist who was putting together an article about Women, preferably mothers, who sold their work on Etsy.  How did we discover the venue, why we do it, how many kids we have, etc.  I answered a few questions and today I got a note from Karina Ioffee and she finished her article!

"Crafty Stay-at-home moms turn to On-line Sales"  on http://uk.reuters.com/.

I thought it was a great peek into why we sell on Etsy, and why it's important for us to do something we love, as well as contribute to our Family's finances. 

Then I got to the last couple of paragraphs with my quotes and I laughed out loud...I swear that was not supposed to sound like that!!! And then I kept laughing for about 2 hours straight. When I read my quote to my sister she said "yup - that sounds like you!"

Rest assured, I KNOW that I am a very, very lucky person - to be able to watch my kids grow up, to be an active participant in their lives, and yet still be able to provide a couple of hours of school for them each day, and myself a few hours to create and sell my work.

As I said in the article - the Balance in my life, between being Mom and Artist, has never been better, and I owe it in part to selling on-line. 

Let me make one thing clear - simply posting your Art of Craft on-line is not enough, and there is a lot of work involved.  But when everything comes together and sales and creativity can co-incide with supplementing the Family's income, that's a great feeling.

I'd like to share the other Etsy shops that are featured in this article!

And of course my Fine Art on Etsy shop by Kristina Laurendi Havens!

There is also a site mentioned, http://www.craftmba.com/, a blog aimed at helping artisans market their products online, by Megan Auman.

If you are interested in learning more about Etsy Sellers who are making their shops a SUCCESS!
 Read this series "Quit Your Day Job" on Etsy's blog!


Andrew said...

Congratulations on being quoted in the Reuters article!

Anonymous said...

thanks for including me in this write-up! i laughed, too, when i read what i was quoted as saying...i thought, "do i really sound like that?" haha! glad i'm not alone! :)


Anonymous said...

I like the rest of this as well. I wish etsy would have been around when my children we little. I had soooo many ideas bubbling up out of me. I've very thankful for it now and can't wait till I can really contribute some jing for other thatn my etsy shop bill. It will happen and it takes lots and lots of work to be seen above the crowd.
peace n abundance
ps I love your figures, makes me want to pull mine out and have a look-see

Krystyna81 said...

Thanks Andrew!

Lara...You are not alone! The "to the point of mind-numbing" line was part of a bigger paragraph...but it did sum up the point!

Cheyanne...yes! pull out your figures! Never to late to get a fresh look at a timeless subject.

Jenny, Mid-Western Fashionista said...

That's so exciting to be quoted in that article. I think people will understand the context of your quote! I had a similar experience once. I played waterpolo and was quoted in my campus newspaper after giving an extensive interview. My quote? "I like water". Geesh!!! Gotta laugh.

Jenny, BlackRockDesign

Krystyna81 said...

Jenny...your comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Still laughing.