Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twitter Success Story...a follow-up to the Etsy Blog Article

I had the great pleasure of contributing an article to the very popular Etsy Blog about my experiences on Twitter.  The article focused on how my painting, "Guarded", ended up as the cover of Laura Mercurio Ebohon's Poetry Book, "If I look Inside".

First of all...let me say how humbled and moved I am by all of the incredibly kind comments that were left on the blog post.  I am so thrilled that people are being inspired by our story.  I love the comment from heidiburton

'I think Kristina's figure paintings are absolutely beautiful & full of expression - perfect for the cover of a poetry book.

"If you focus your efforts and always put your best work in the right light, you will see results." <--- so true.'

I was also so overwhelmed by all of the nice convos (e-mails) from fellow Etsy sellers, some who are old friends and some who are new, sharing their own stories, and also asking for some advice! So I will do my best to elaborate a bit on what I mentioned in the Etsy article, and hopefully some of these tips will work for you!


I create art in a variety of media and even a variety of subject matters, but my strongest pieces are my figurative works. So I focus my blog posts and the links I post on Twitter on my latest figure drawings and paintings, figurative art techniques, and figurative artists who inspire me. The biggest success stories I have from selling online all center around my figurative art.

I think this is very important, and a subject that is brought up in Etsy's forum often - "Should I mix my jewelry and photography? Should I sell my soaps and paintings in the same shop?"  There is no problem exploring multiple medias, different techniques, and various ways of expressing yourself.  I believe, though, that when you present a unified body of work, everything looks stronger, and your expertise in that area shines thru.


Seek out others who share your interests. Grow your sphere of influence by paying attention to who other tweeple are following. Are you a visual artist? You should follow galleries, interior designers, and other artists. Do you make luscious soaps? Follow boutique owners, spas and resorts. Design incredible jewelry? Follow fashion blogs, wedding coordinators, and style divas.

(Don’t forget to seek out tweeple in your home state and city as well!)

For Twitter, this is KEY.  When I first joined Twitter, I started out by following fellow Etsy sellers that posted their ID's in various forum threads.  As I started to read posts and respond, I followed who other Etsy sellers were chatting with and so on.  As I continued to think about "Who do I want to SEE my work?" I hunted for different phrases mentioned within tweets "art supplies", "gallery", "bought painting". etc.  I was looking for Tweeters who were talking about what I was selling!

There are other great ways to find quality people to follow.  For example, Decor8 has a very popular blog about Style and Design and a large following on Twitter - but she only follows about 10% of the people who follow her - she's following the ones SHE finds most interesting, and probably a lot of people I want to follow, too! SO I check out who she is following and add it to my list.

Start thinking about "who would want to see my work? who would be looking for the perfect custom necklace? who needs a perfect baby shower gift?" and start searching for those people. 


On Twitter AND on Etsy, don't forget to tell people WHERE you are.  I have met many fellow Artists in my area and had some great commission work come my way from people looking for Artists close by.  Search for people talking about your home town or a big city nearby, the college you went to, etc.

I have more to add...but feel as though I am getting I will continue in the next post!

I do want to add a link to one of my favorite fellow Artists Robin Pedrero. On Etsy, Twitter, and Facebook she is one of the warmest, kindest, and most talented Artists I have met.  It seems like she knows each of her followers personally.  But she also remembers to do two very important things as an artist - she is continually making new work and SHOWING her work in Galleries and shows.    I hope you follow her, too!

I will keep posting more tips and more of my favorite artists that you should be following :)


Linda Woods said...

Great suggestions, thank you!

Jenny, Mid-Western Fashionista said...

Love the Twitter tips - a big thanks! I did the same thing in the beginning; just following other Etsians. Now I have a big list, but they are not necessarily people who care about what I make. I need to start steering in a better direction!
Jenny, BlackRockDesign

Michelle Kendrick Hartney said...

I really enjoyed your twitter tips and your artwork is incredible!

Suzanne Goodwin said...

Thanks so much for the excellent tips. I always find it so helpful to see how fellow artists approach their business - often their is something there that you haven't thought of for yourself. Love the suggestion about seeing who others follow!

Suzanne Goodwin

joanna kapica said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! Here, as well, as on Etsy- beautiful posts! very inspirational

Robin Pedrero said...

One of the most beautiful aspects about social network media and online shops is how I have not met Kristina in person, yet, but I own some of her work, and she mine, with also the greatest admiration, respect,& excitement for each other in our successes and careers as well as smiling at our family stories, with typed hugs that resonate the miles.

Thank you for sharing your spotlight post with me and featuring a piece of my work. I am honored and grateful.

Krystyna81 said...

Robin...I couldn't agree with you more!!!

Sending another {{{{HUG}}}} your way :)

Lrc said...

The tips on Twitter are especially useful. I am so glad to see a figurative artist having success! It isn't easy in the Etsy site or on the web being a visual artist. I will definately try your tips!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kristina! Very grateful about the wonderful article and the mention of my poetry... And thank you because you and your incredibly beautiful Art have been and are immense source of inspiration!
And Robin I absolutely agree with you... this invisible wire of communication is definitely a little magic networking delight and it shows again the wonders of deep spiritual connection.
Feeling blessed to have "tweet-email" met you Kristina and to be in touch with so many wonderful creators of art!

Jenny said...

Well, that's a cooincidence! I had recently followed Robin on Twitter because she seemed interesting and I just bought a painting from her :) She is awesome, great customer service, great to talk to, retweets things I post, so interactive and fun. She's an inspiring person to know!

Teddy Started It said...

This is a great post. I've been spending a lot of time lately rethinking my use of Twitter. Thanks for the validation!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Krystyna -- I wanted to comment on your Storque article, but am not currently able to comment on Storque articles with my browser... Anyway, it is so wonderful to see a figurative artist successful (as lrc said) -- that is one of the reasons I follow your blog - I was happily surprised to see such quality work.

Haven't yet ventured to twitter, but it is helpful to read your strategy -- makes the idea less overwhelming.

gilstrapdesigns said...

I read your article on ETSY your story is very inspiring thank you for the info. I'm glad I found your blog I will be back coming back quite often.

osovictoria said...

Thanks for the tips on twitter, since I have it, but don't know what to do with it. I have always loved figure paintings, yours are beautiful, I am not an artist. And love colors as in Robin's work.

Krystyna81 said...

Thank you all for the positive comments about my work and the Etsy article, and for my special friend Robin as well! I'm so glad we can all share this :)

Letitia said...

Thanks for all the twitter info, I am definitley still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the technology I need to be up on, but your posts are very comforting. Looking forward to the next!

Anonymous said...

This was a great blog/article you posted up! Thanks for sharing.

It really does open my eyes to the idea that I should mix too much, at least when it comes to advertising what I DO. I like to crochet, as well as create drawings and sell those kinds of artwork. I'm sure there's a happy medium, but right now, I think they're both two separate things :(

Thanks again for your tips!