Thursday, December 9, 2010

Classic and Quirky, the Ballerina with Striped Socks

A couple of months ago I got this gorgeous ballet costume from my daughter's dance studio.  It is a velvet top with the sweetheart neckline in a warm gold and mossy green color, with a short tutu in layers of green, golds, and cranberry.  I was hoping it would fit one of my favorite models. 

So I brought it with me last night to our figure drawing group and asked our beautiful model if she would be willing to do the gesture poses in the outfit, a little fearful that it wouldn't fit, but also wondering if it might be too dull or "classic", not making for a very exciting drawing.

Well as luck would have it...she steps out of the restroom and the tutu fits her perfectly.  And the best part was that she had on these above the knee black and white striped socks that added just the right level of fun to the outfit.

Her hair up in a bun, she started with some beautiful gesture poses.

I liked quickly massing in the shape of the tutu and striping her socks.

A longer pose, about 40 minutes, with dramatic lighting, making full use of her long legs and gorgeous neckline.

I may fix a few moments, but I really like this as it is - the billowing layers of her skirt, the dramatic shadows across her collarbone, the outstretched leg.

For our final pose, she kept the stockings but switched to a light white robe.  The pattern on the socks again elevated a simple and elegant pose to something more.

Nupastel on colourfix paper.


jcsvisuals said...

Those two different elements make for a lively and beautiful work.

SublimeHues said...

Just Gorgeous! I Love your work!

SKIZO said...

I enjoyed your
work very much

Dean H. said...

All are super,...I especially liked the dynamic color of the second, 40 minute, pose!