Monday, April 18, 2011

Favorite color, favorite flower

I love working in the garden in the spring, before there are too many bugs, before the sun gets too hot, while the ground is moist and ready to be worked.  I love the idea of Potential - a seed that can grow to a sunflower, a vine that can climb a trellis in a single season, a bush that is ready to burst forth with dozens of blooms.

One of my favorite vines is a Clematis.  I have been trying to cultivate several different ones in my backyard for 5 years now.  On the advice of an old friend, I have been patiently waiting for them to take hold - "first year to sleep, second to creep, the third one to leap"

Well this one has LEAPED!  It's my favorite color, periwinkle blue (or purple, depending on your perspective!)

I have it in a spot that makes it very happy.  The roots are low, below my deck, and remain shaded thru out the day.  But the trellis gets at least 6 hours of sun, which the vine and flowers thrive upon.

While my mother was visiting I was explaining the good fortune of the spot and how happy the clematis is there.  She replied "Sure - hot head, cold feet"

I nodded my head, while suppressing a grin.  Now I know why the clematis is really my favorite flower...we have the exact same personality.

Hot head, cold feet.

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