Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amazing Artist Loses Her Studio in Texas Fires

I have come across Carol Marine's blog several times in the past, getting fully absorbed in her lush paint strokes and glorious color.  I was devastated for her to learn that her whole house in Texas, and her studio, were engulfed by flames only a few moments after they were warned by a neighbor that the fires were very, very close.

I hadn't seen Carol's work in a little while, and while reading about her plight and investigating her site, I found that she and her husband are the ultimate creative couple.  She paints, and teaches, and markets her work.  He builds the perfect shelves for her studio, the ultimate canvas support, or the exact light box she needs to help her make her visions come to life.  They also recently took the next step in making Carol's business thrive - they developed a platform to sell her Daily Paintings on-line, that allows Carol to continue to auction of her popular paintings without getting bogged down by the fee structure of Ebay.  This is obviously a couple that continues to strive to be successful in a time where success is eluding many others.

Carol has mentioned that she is committed to her current teaching schedule, in spite of their devastating loss.  I was inspired by her paintings before, but now I am even more in awe of this couples' commitment to each other, their level of perseverance, and the example they set for the rest of us to work, work harder, and work smarter.

I hope you take time to explore Carol's work, maybe leave a few words of encouragement on her blog.  Obviously her work has inspired thousands, as the donation set up by her friends has already raised over $18,000 for the family.  This money can not replace all of the paintings, memories, and objects they have collected over the years, but I am sure that this outpouring of positivity will be giving them a great start on building a new future together.


Michelle said...

Thanks so much for posting this -- I hadn't put Carol Marine's blog on my Google home page when I switched things up a few months ago and am so glad to have this update (and I updated my home page to include her blog, too!)

Kodanshi said...

Wow. I’ve never heard of her before, but looking at her blog I am extremely amazed and impressed with her wonderfully tactile style. I love it!