Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can't write. Painting!

I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in three weeks!

August has been a very productive month for me in my studio.   With both kids in school most of the day, I find myself painting for long stretches of time, sometimes 4-5 hand-cramping hours.  And that is in no way a complaint - it's fantastic!  I get completely sucked into the paintings that I am working on.  My current body of work, in addition to the custom portraits that keep me busy and engaged, are really special and are demanding a great deal of my focus.  I am pushing myself to really take the pieces as far as I can, the best way that I can, using the best painting language possible.

I am not sharing the series yet...but I promise to do so - soon!!!

But what I can share is this lovely 2 hour oil painting from last Wednesday night.

The panel is 11" x 14".  I did not tone or prep the panel before we started, and I am not going to fill in the white areas now, either.  I like the loose quality of the paint and the intense moments of color on her figure, especially the two shoulders.

My son Jack and I participated in the first "Chalk Art" competition during the Marietta Square Art festival this weekend.  While the competition has a few kinks to work out, they had a great group of young artists participating and I think it can be a wonderful addition to an already vibrant show in the coming years.

Jack had so much fun drawing.

It didn't take long for the 6-yr old boy to take over.  Soon his goal wasn't to just draw but to see if he could turn the front of his hands, the back of his hands, and his entire legs blue!  He went home in his dad's car.

I find that now that I have several hours a day in my studio, away from the house (which includes the laundry, the dishes, the gardening, etc) that I am really enjoying my time with my family much more.  I'm finally allowing myself to accept the fact that I am not a 24 hour mother.  I have to continue being an Artist, and I have to find the time to be in my studio creating for several hours at a time.  And this balance is helping me become a better artist AND a better mother.  I can spend my weekends enjoying family time, without feeling like I am neglecting my painting.  I am lucky, too, that both my children enjoy school, and want to go.  That helps!

Sorry about the long stretch between posts...if you miss me, come and hang out on my facebook Art page!

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Nadira Eva Akter said...

These are beautiful! I like that you left it the way it is. I love the unfinished look of it, that's what makes it more eye catching and it draws you into it.