Thursday, January 12, 2012

Classic Nudes, Modern Portraits. Lots of Painting.

In my studio for another long stretch of time today (many thanks to a friend who wanted a play date with Ari after school today!)

I started the day trying to finish up a small oil painting from last week.  After an hour of trying to finish her profile (a section that is only 1" square, let me add!)  I finally wiped it off and decided to go get some Mexican food for lunch.  I felt much better. I didn't take a photo of the current state of the painting.  I still hope to resolve it!

But as it sometimes happens, I decided it was time to move onto another piece and step away from the mess I was making.

I started to added color to the modern portrait I began yesterday.

I am starting with the color a little bolder than in the reference photo I took last year.  Working with a large brush I started blocking in some of the shapes on her face.  The face will be the focus, and the only area of the painting completely developed.

I also added another layer of color to the environment.  At this point I am not using any media except thinner - no liquin or other materials.

The challenge will be to keep this fresh and painterly, but still capturing her beautiful features.

I also finished up a couple paintings that were started during our session with the live model last night.  We have had this wonderful woman a few times before, and I love working with her.  

The first painting I worked on was 12" x 9" panel in oil, 40 minutes.

This is not a great photo, but you can get the idea: bold colors, limited detail.  If the sun is shining tomorrow I'll try to get a better shop of those lime greens and purples.

The second pose was longer, about 90 minutes, and we incorporated some drapery into the pose.  I loved the geometric shapes formed by all of the elements - her head, the drape, her leg, the bench.  The energy and dynamics move across the 14" x 11" panel perfectly.

My goal is to get these finished and listed in my Etsy shop soon!  

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