Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I keep starting paintings...

I'm in one of those productive periods of time where I have TOO many ideas and SO many wonderful things that I want to paint!  My problem is that I keep starting new paintings instead of pushing through and resolving what is already in my studio.   Today I was very tempted to start a new tree painting, after already starting a new portrait!

So let's catch up.  I DID work on the painting of the lady in the diner yesterday, and I am loving it so far.

After a lot of thought, I changed her hand on the table - it was taller, resting on the side of her hand, and I turned in so that her palm was facing down a bit more.  By doing so I also had to change the thickness of her forearm.  I am trying to decide if she needs to be holding something. 

I do love her face - I think I am getting closer to her bemused "You want to take of photo of me, crazy lady?" smile!  

And the SHOES! Those darling purple shoes...

So I did take a break from that painting today, and set it up across the studio so I can look at it farther away, decide what needs to be done.

I started this figure painting back in November, and I love the pose and the scale, but was having a very difficult time with the palette and her profile.  I've painted over the darker blue background and I am trying to blur the lines between her form and the space.  It's a process, but I do love all of the layers.  The deep blues and purples are showing through the grey background, and I have moved her ear and her hand so many time now that there is a delicious build up of paint in those areas.

And I did allow myself to start one new painting.

WAY back in January of last year I took about a hundred photos of this lovely woman in the blue tutu and boots.

She has a stunning face with beautiful features, and was a total natural in front of the camera.  I have wanted to paint a portrait for a while now.

I'm starting this one a little differently - I sketched on gesso with charcoal, then used gesso again to block in the light.

It was very tempting to start with her eyes or lips, but I had to make sure the whole figure, the whole composition, was working with size and scale.

After it was blocked in, I did allow myself to define her features a bit more.

I am going to start glazing over the acrylic and charcoal layer tomorrow with oils.   I'm picturing this being very painterly and loose, with only her face in focus.

But that's how I feel today.  Tomorrow may change.  We'll see. 

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Nika said...

Beautiful work! I love seeing your process and your use of color! Awesome job! Keep at it :)