Sunday, February 5, 2012

Figure Sculptures and Paintings

This may be one of the most exciting projects I've gotten to work on in my studio so far...working on a tall oil painting of the figure while watching a very talented sculptor build a piece at the same time.  As Matt (the sculptor) explores different angles and searches for the perfect s-curve on the figure, spontaneous outbursts of "YES!" resonate from his corner as he realize he has gotten it Just Right.

Watching Matt build from the inside out, consistently measure, build, re-check, shout "Yeah!", build some more, measure again...the search for information, the translation of figure to clay, makes me stop and think about how I translate the figure to paint.  Comparing landmarks, thinking about the lines, searching for form, checking proportion.  It's really a treat to watch two interpretations of the figure come to fruition side by side.

Matt's stand, covered with notes and measurements for reference.

Matt measuring the model with calipers. 

I'll be adding drapery to the painting, pushing the beautiful flow around the figure.


Daniel said...

I've always imagined that sculpture must be difficult, but seeing this amazing work in progress and hearing about the painstaking yet passionate process gives me a new appreciation for artists in general.

I really enjoy this blog :D

Crystal Cook said...

That is SO fascinating. I wish I could be there to watch too. :) And when I saw the last photo of your painting I got the chills. I love it, just stunning. :D

Cherie said...

It is a fun environment! I can't wait to see all the finished masterpieces? Do you have more studio time this Friday?