Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Set Up a Still Life

I've been having a lot of fun the last few days collecting various objects to fill my shelves in the studio to have lots and lots of props for our still life classes.  Neighbors have cleaned out their closets, a few treasures were found at yard sales, and Goodwill and Thrift stores have been great.

I finished building the last couple of storage and display shelves, unpacked my treasures and started setting up a few still lifes for inspiration.

  When setting up a still life, I look at several elements: color, size of elements, number of elements, horizontal or vertical composition, the pattern and lines that are formed, how the light works across the still life, and how the objects react to each other - their surfaces change depending on what they are next to, on top of, or holding inside.

I really like taking a quick photo to see how the set up translates into 2D.   Even on just a camera viewfinder or an iphone, you can see issues with composition or lighting pretty easily.

Seven work stations are all ready!!

And I started another tree painting.  This is slightly larger than the Japanese maple tree painting that just sold.
I am building up the surface the same way - lots of texture and layers, a little bit of copper leaf to reflect the light.

(I don't know why pictures are loading sideways lately!)

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Marsha Hamby Savage said...

Hi there, thanks for giving the link to see what you have done. Neat! And wonderful for your students and those other artists that paint along with you.