Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still Life Inspiration

As the new shelf construction begins in the studio, I am looking through all of my books, magazines and of course on the internet for still life inspiration.  And there is SO much out there!  I just discovered these wonderful pieces by artist Sadie Valeri.  The monochromatic palettes, the interesting dichotomy of material, the composition and movement are all fantastic and could inspire dozens of painting ideas.

The workstations will be tall, deep and wide, providing opportunity for a huge variety of set-ups, including the option of adding drapery, photos, or other items on the back wall of the individual cubby holes.

Today I got 6 more sheets of ply wood cut for the second wall of shelving at home depot and carried (almost all of it!) up to the second floor, and I only once or twice allowed the doubt to creep in...the fear that no one will sign up for class, that I will have spent my rent money building it and it'll turn into a bust, etc.

I had to quickly talk myself out of the fear and try to focus on the positive part: I am taking the chance.  I am not afraid too try, I am just afraid to fail.  And if I am afraid of failure, I shouldn't be an artist in the first place - because there are little failures in every painting, every drawing.

And right next to those little failures, is my eraser, my brush, my paint...ready for me to find the solution.

So as I sit here with my achy back (did I mention my husband and I went back and carried 4 sheets of drywall up the stairs?) and sore legs, I will be pushing aside the fear and embracing the next chapter, armed with inspiration!! The space is ready, the students will come, I will pay the rent, I will make my husband and parents proud of me...and I will paint.

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