Friday, September 14, 2012

Profile Painting Step by Step

I've developed a really annoying habit.  I go up to complete strangers and say "Can I paint you?"  I could be at the grocery store, Walmart, the gym (on the gym floor - not in the steam room!).  I try to explain that I am a portrait artist and I think they have a great face.  Most people nod politely and then wait for the crazy lady to move along.  But luckily, sometimes they give me a call!

So I met Larry, a very cool guy - and a boxer (although that is only a small part of what he does - he actually does mixed martial arts).  I gave him my card and hoped he would give me a chance to paint him.  And...he did!  My fellow artist, a sculptor, also wanted some portrait practice so we set up a time and met at my studio.

I was working on an oil primed linen, 11" x 14".  I started with a light wash of transparent red oxide, then blocked it in.  I started adding some burnt umber to define some shapes.

This is where we both were at this point - the major size and shape blocked in, continuous minor adjustments on the placement and angles of the jawline and neck.

This is not a great photo, but these darker areas are actually shades of blue and purple.

I used cooler purples and browns on the face that was towards an open window with natural light, the warmer browns and reds were on the side, closer to an artificial yellow light source.

I continued to search for planar changes on his cheekbones, and adjusted the size of his ear.

In the final moments I added some definition to the background, adding some color, and just a small amount of highlight to his eye.

So...until I grab the next un-suspecting model...happy painting!


Claudia said...

Awesome! I love how you share your step-by-step process!

Kelly said...

Beautiful painting!! I love your use of color and that you showed your process! Do we also get a photo of the completed sculpture? Your artwork is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us!

Vanessa said...

I love that you have posted the progress of your painting in steps! It gives great insight to the colour layering and how you get to your gorgeous finished pieces!

Velvet Tetrault said...

Love the step by step approach to your blog.

Arti said...

Hello Kristina, your art is absolutely wonderful!I am a self-learning artist and in love with people and faces.(though I lack the courage to ask strangers to pose for me! :))
Do you always work from life or do you use photographs sometimes?
Thank you fr sharing your knowledge.
Happy Painting!

Peter Lee said...

very cool! thank you for sharing the process:)

Dienn said...

Thank you for sharing... I love the part that you ask people permission to paint.