Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still Life Paintings in the Studio

Over the past few weeks I have worked on several small, 8" x 8" still life paintings.  Kind of practice for myself, to step away from the figure and the portrait, to play with color, etc.

And this is a 9" x 12" oil on canvas

Most of these paintings are done in only one session, 90 - 120 minutes.  A couple areas are touched up in another short session, but I try to get a direct impression as quickly - and as fresh - as possible.

Ever since I built in the still life and storage shelves, I had been collecting all kinds of little cups and saucers and great fabric.  My favorite pastime is filling up my shelves with new little characters to work with!


Vanessa said...

WOW Kristina as soon as I saw the first piece my mouth just dropped. Your blue hues and compositions are beautiful, and you have a lovely way of handling glass!

Laura LME said...

You have just been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!
Check out my post “One Lovely Blog Award” for details on what to do next.