Monday, October 29, 2012

Casey Baugh Painting Workshop : Our Turn to Paint

The second day of the workshop has arrived, and we are all eager to try our hand at implementing Casey's great advice.  We set up the model, then drew numbers to see who set up their easel where (I was number 12 of 12...all my luck ran out when I got the last seat in the class :)  but that was OK - I needed to be close to the fresh air by the open door.

Because the group was viewing the model from all sides, I jumped up on the model platform - at Casey's OK - and pinned her hair up in a messy bun.  Those of you who know me are not shocked by that statement at all.  I also plugged in my iphone when there was no music, and yelled "Get back to work!" if the model was back in place.  I'll work on my control issues...I promise!!! (I really won't...but I thought I'd say it anyway!)

First stages of blocking in.  Normally I would sketch out the face in a monochromatic sepia tone and then start applying a local color to the skin.  Not this time!  Shapes and values were the focus.  Color was close, but not exact.  Detail was not the goal at this stage.

A shot of the class - great starts!

Casey has made a full round to check on everyone's work at this point.  I found him to be a wonderful instructor.  He focuses on problem solving - not once did I hear him say someone had the wrong paint, the wrong media, etc.  He worked with your palette and your materials.  He DID give a lot of advice on brushes - good brushes are very important.  

The first time he stopped at my easel he said "great - keep going!" so I did :) The SECOND time he came around, he busted me - brushed out a bunch of area where I was getting too tight, added bold strokes to the background where I was clinging to the first drippy layers, pushed some shadows on the face deeper.  It was so helpful to watch him work!  Advice to you: do not be precious about any of your work during a workshop.  These paintings are for LEARNING - process! Learn! - then implement your new skills when you get back to your studio.

So Casey was having way too much fun painting over my face so I finally said "Hold on! My turn!" took back my brush and sent him on his way :)  I don't have a good shot of my final painting - I'll add it later today .

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