Thursday, November 1, 2012

Casey Baugh Workshop Day Three

Before I get started on day three, I want to mention that the Townsend Atelier was in a great area on the south side of Chattanooga, within walking distance of several other artist's studio.  Our host, Stan (although, for some reason, I called him "Larry" all week!) was kind enough to take us on a short walking tour where we visited a couple of the studios.  Our first stop was at the studio of Mia Bergeron.  Such a cool looking space!

We met Mia (it would have been rude to poke around and sleep in her bed if she wasn't there!), got to see some work in progress, and just enjoyed talking with her about her work.  One of her lovely portraits...

Best of luck to Mia who is participating in a group show titled "Nuance"

We also visited the studio of Brett Weaver (I have no photos!) but please check out his wonderful work.

OK...the painting!  I finished up my painting from day one, then moved to a new spot, looking at her full profile.  This was not an idea spot - very little shadow, kind of a dull view...but I was there to practice! SO onward!

Started with blocking in large shapes, again focusing more on value than color, not getting a perfect drawing right away - just massing it in.

 Casey came by and kept pushing my values under her jaw line.  He has the unique ability to make a shadow look like a shadow, where as I make it look like mud!  

The final painting.  I do like her hair, and the treatment of her blouse - but I would have liked less of a straight ahead stare.  Still...I loved using the technique again, and I was getting used to my new brushes, so that really helped!

Day four...we head outside :)
Have you registered for Casey Baugh's Atlanta workshop that will be held at my studio?!? Get going! Only a few spots left!

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Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination or are your portraits getting Stronger!!?? That's the only word I can come up with. :) Your strokes are larger and made with an almost defiant pow to them. Do you see it or feel it? I've been following you for what, 5 years now? I've seen amazing growth in the past 1 to 1 1/2 years!! You go girl!!!