Monday, November 19, 2012

New Painting Striped Tights and Sunlight

So here's the problem with taking a painting workshop like the one I did with Casey Baugh.  The second you walk back into your studio EVERYTHING you have painted before looks horrible.  You immediately see all the mistakes in every brush stroke, color choice, and composition.  You want to build a huge bonfire and burn every canvas.

OK that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but truly, it was overwhelming at first.  I am very proud of all of my work, but I had to realize that I hadn't learned anything new in about 10 years.  I was still painting the same way I painted in graduate school.  Fresh ideas, fresh perspective, can be a bit overwhelming.

Luckily, after about an hour of wandering around, frustrated with the work I had already started and not confident enough to start anything new, I happened to turn the corner and stumble upon this.

Matt the sculptor has slowly been de-constructing his beautiful sculpture (deep breath - he has already made the mold!) and using the clay to make new figure studies, which, apparently, he uses to entertain himself by randomly perching them on the woman's breasts, head and armpit.

OK so mission accomplished. I laughed.  Got over myself.  And got back to work.

I used a reference photo from a session with a model almost 2 years ago.

Start- with Casey in my head, blocked in rather than draw the figure.  Focus on value, not color.  NO detail.

I admit it was hard to just hint at the features of the face, consider them as shapes and values, not eyelashes and lips.

The finished painting.  

Detail of the face.
12" x 12", oil on prepped wood panel.

What I am so excited about is SEEing the whole process in a new way.  Granted, Casey's way of painting is still vastly different than what I am doing (who wants to be someone else anyway?!?) Blending his technique with what I already knew, which - after a few days of depression - was not all wrong.  That was what brought out this painting.  And I am so excited about what's coming next.


Helen H Trachy said...

Splendid, I love this work with noting quite definite, which leaves room for imagination. Congrat

Celeste Bergin said...

Hi! I just found your blog by googling "figure model set up" --I am responsible for posing a model today, and I wanted some tips. I love your Casey Baugh workshop recap and bookmarked you so I can read it all later. Excellent information! thanks for sharing.