Saturday, April 20, 2013

Evert Ploeg, Kurt Sutton, Casey Baugh all coming up at Studio 81

This past week, the weather here in Georgia finally allowed us to throw open the windows and enjoy the spring temperatures.  Of course, this was followed my intensive amounts of dusting and vacuuming brought on my the 1/4" of yellow pollen that covered every floor, piece of furniture, the dog (I did NOT vacuum the dog...although I was tempted) and window blind.  The next day, it went right from spring to summer, and instead of opening the windows we turned on the A/C.  Just as we were getting out the shorts from last year and sandals switched places with boots, we had to switch back over to the heater as temps dipped back into the forties.

I think this crazy weather pattern is throwing me off.  Spring is usually my favorite time of year.  I clean out my flower beds, organize the kid's closets, try out some new's an energetic and hopeful time of year.

In spite of my issues with the weather, this spring does bring forth some great potential.   I have been working hard on some new paintings, and there are several exciting events coming up for me and the studio.

First off, I'm so excited to be attending my first Portrait Society of America conference.  I visited the conference briefly two years ago when it was in Atlanta, but this year I get to stay the entire time.   I'm looking forward to a lunch with Rose Franzen, Demos by David Kassan and Michelle Dunaway, and numerous other lectures and workshop opportunities 

What is most thrilling is the events that will take place right after the conference.   Casey Baugh will be teaching for two full weeks at my studio in Woodstock.  I got so much out of the class that I attended in Chattanooga, and my work has grown in the months since.

Casey's Demo from Day One of Class

The day after the portrait conference, the incredibly talented Mr. Evert Ploeg will be painting a portrait live on stage at the Elm Street Theater in Woodstock, just one block away from my studio.

Evert will be painting the acclaimed actor Kurt Sutton, who travels the country performing his one man show, "An Evening with Mark Twain".

This one-night-only event is exactly the kind of Cultural Arts event that will benefit the growing Elm Street Cultural Arts Village.  I am hoping for a packed house - and looking forward to inviting more artists to teach and share their talents here in Woodstock.

General admission for this event is $40.00.  It's a huge bargain to get these two amazingly talented men together on one stage!  

Monday, April 29th
7:00 - 10:00 PM
Elm Street Theater
Main Street, Woodstock

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