Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Drawings and Paintings of the Figure

Hey! Remember me?!? The lady who paints and draws every once in a while between posting on my blog?  Here are a few new pieces...

Charcoal drawing on white Canson paper, 14" x 17"

Charcoal portrait drawing from the live model, about 90 minutes

White and black charcoal sketch from the live model, grey paper, about 25 minutes

A small study that I did, thinking I may turn it into a larger painting.  This is actually a self-portrait.  Oil on textured panel, 11" x 14".  Working title is "A Simple Fix"

Oil on canvas painting, 9" x 12", live model, about 90 minutes.  I'm particularly happy with her hair.  "Lounging Nude on Purple"

And finally this oil painting of my little girl Arianna, who just turned six, and I got all weepy that she was getting so big, and had to paint this picture of her from when she was two...

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