Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm a 2013 DaVinci Storyteller!

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It all started way back in May, when I sat in front of my computer, typing up my application, hoping my art and my words were good enough... I was filling out an application to be one of four DaVinci Wine Sotrytellers for 2013.  Every year, the DaVinci wine company invites four artists in a variety of disciplines - including culinary arts, writing, photography, and visual arts - to their vineyard in Vinci, for a once in a lifetime experience of all things Chianti.

The application asked two major questions: could I communicate effectively in my field (visual arts) and do I have an audience to share this work with.

So, here is where I say a BIG Thank You, for being part of my audience.  I have always felt that Art cannot exist in a vacuum.  Art is a form of communication.  The function of the work is not complete until it has been seen by eyes other than that of the creator.  As an artist, my goal is to share an experience - an emotion, a story, a problem, a solution, an appreciation of something beautiful, etc.   I can recall my first solo exhibit for my BFA.  The most powerful part of that experience was when people came up to me and shared what my paintings made them think of, or how my paintings made them feel.  The paintings were conversation starters. four months we are!  I was honored to be selected to be the Visual Artist Storyteller for 2013.  DaVinci narrowed down the contestants to the top twelve, then via a FB vote, the top twelve were narrowed down to the top four.  (THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me!)

I am still feeling like I am in the "shock" stage!  Even when a very special welcome gift arrived from DaVinci wine...

filled with a treasure trove of wine and travel accessories...

and a special Welcome note from the DaVinci staff.  

Soon after I received my itinerary (which I will reveal to you in my next post!).  I have already started communicating with my fellow Storytellers, and I am so excited to be spending this very special week, courtesy of the DaVinci Wine company, with such a talented and diverse group of people. 

Next...I'll fill you in on where I'm staying, and with who! 

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Unknown said...

Congratulations, that's an awesome opportunity, and sounds like fun!

Looking forward to hearing more.