Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two Portraits in Two Juried Exhibitions

I'm very pleased to be part of two wonderful juried exhibitions this fall.  The first is the Fall Exhibition of the Atlanta Portrait Society.   Juried by award winning portrait artist Jamie Lee McMahan, the portraits will be on display at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art through December 16th.  One of my favorite portraits, my daughter Arianna holding a baby bird, was selected.

This was based on a photo just taken this past summer.   A baby bird was on the grass, and my neighbor's little girl picked up up while playing at our house.  Ari took a turn as well.  They were fascinated by this sweet creature, new baby feathers, but not yet able to fly.  After a short while, I encouraged the girls to put the bird back in the grass, so mama bird could come back.

Well - mama bird came back, and she was angry!  Hopping up and down in front of baby bird, she squawked and chirped, obviously angry at the baby for taking a break from flying lessons.  The baby bobbed up and down a bit - trying to take flight - but no luck.

Gently, I lifted the baby bird up again and placed it on a low tree branch  A few moments later mamma bird returned, and more hopping and chirping and high pitched conversation ensued between the two birds.  I didn't stay to see the final scene, but I'm guessing the baby never left another flying lesson before he was properly dismissed.

Click for another great Ari-bird story....

I also shipped the portrait of Mona in the Turquoise Scarf to the Cumberland Society of Painters National Juried Exhibition, being held at Richland Fine Art in Nashville Tennessee.  I am honored to be among 100 beautiful paintings selected by juror Peggy Kroll Roberts. 

I will miss both openings and award ceremonies while I am in Italy, but I am hoping they are well attended and I wish all of the artists the best of luck!

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suzanneberry said...

Congratulations!!! Your work is simply stunning!!