Monday, November 3, 2008

Artistic Talent... A Hereditary Trait

I strongly believe that my artistic talent was inherited from my mother's side of the family - her Aunt (my great aunt Barbara Bieniulis) was an amazing artist, as was her father (my great grandfather Zygmunt Bieniulis).

The portrait on the left is by my Aunt Barbara, probably at least 35-40 years ago in Warsaw, Poland. I just received it this year from my Grandfather's estate - I had never seen it before. The portrait on the right I created in 2003.

I am shocked at the line quality, the characteristics of the eyes, the attitude in the neck, the treatment of the nose...they are all so similar! One eyebrow is straight, the other is curved...

I am in awe of the similarities. I am feeling so grateful that I inherited her incredible talent. I hope I can do her justice!


Nosideup said...

I bet there's some inheritance in mine too!

Jen Surine said...

Wow, that's fantastic! There is some artistic blood flowing through the veins in my family as well. How neat to compare the two works side by side!!

RGebbiePhoto said...

I believe talent can be passed down. Once when I was much younger I watched my father demonstrate to me how to draw a face. It was beautiful, unfortunately it was the only sketch I ever saw him do, i still have it in an album, safe.


Krystyna81 said... sounds like a lucky you are to have it!