Monday, November 3, 2008

Figure Drawings...Catching Up

I have been neglecting my updates from my figure drawing classes!

The top drawing is Tina from two Thursdays ago here in Woodstock...there's something about Tina's creamy skin that shows so much variety of the light - I tend to grab lots of fuscias, pinks and blues when I draw her...the range of warm to cool light shows up so well on her skintone.

The next two were drawn at Shane's studio last Wednesday night. This model was new to me...I think her name was Maureen (don't hold me to that!) but she was a lovely model, and I'm so glad I had time to draw the pose from two different vantage points.

The light background was done first - broadly laying in areas of color and then defining those areas with charcoal line.

The second drawing was a bit more dramatic - I was standing in a darker corner of the room, behind the light source that was shining on the model, so I could really play up the light and shadow accross her form.

I've decided most of my work looks vbest from about 10 feet back...every time I backed up to look at my drawing I liked it better than up close!

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